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"Be ye doers of the word, not hearers only
deceiving your own selves".

Dear brethren the Word says" Do all that
you do, as unto the LORD". I installed this flashplayer in order to
be able to glorify the LORD, with live video,
(Sermon video) feel free to pass this page on to others who need the
LORD, as well ALL need HIM.

The LORD gave us professional stereo equipment
years ago, for digital recording (multitrack) and
just a few weeks ago, we made our first C.D.
entitled "Enter Into His Rest".

We are currently working on our second C.D.
which is titled " I Bow To Thee " the first and
second C.D.'s have twelve songs each, all of them

"rightly divide the Word of the LORDS truth"
praise and Glory to the Holy Spirit, for without
the spirit, we could have done, none of these

Send this page to a freind, or brother/sister
as we will be adding episodes as the Lord directs us.

Know that each and every one of you are in our
prayers daily, as the Word says: "pray for all

We see our LORD Jesus Christ and the Father, do
miracles constantly! No matter how great or small,
if you have a prayer request, simply sign the

guestbook and state what it is that you are asking
for, and Joyce and I will agree in faith
(doubting nothing) and pray to the Father, for

His Word says "where two or more agree as touching
anything, there I AM !
From inoperable cancers,blood cancer, bladder
stones dissolved, kidneys made NEW, heart disease

disappear, ect,ect, these we have seen Jesus do
with our own two eyes! "For the things that are
not possible with men, are completely possible

with God" For he delights in doing the very things
that men say are not possible! Amen, ManofGod


The music videos on this page are in development.

Please bear with us as the LORD allows us to upload more of them.

We were with blip.tv but they closed our account (We were not in compliance with their "show")

So we are having to move all of our videos to youtube in order to stream to this site.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

(Praise God we are surpassing 60,000 page views per month)

To access the multimedia files below, you may need one of these players.

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