Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

How Battles Are Won (song )

The message of this song, MANY can relate to!
It describes how a man whom is "going the way that
seems right in his own eyes, however this way
leads unto death" (proverbs)

It is a perfect example of how the LORD uses
that whitch Satan intendes for evil, and turns it
completely into good.

For it is written: KJV "for that which Satan
intends for evil, HE hath turned into good" the
HE being Christ Jesus of course! Listen to the story for it "rightly divides His word of truth"

But it is not, preachy, it just tells of how a man
got caught up in going his own way, (sin) and
How Christ intercedes to break the mans spirit
of rebellion, heals him, and greatly blesses him
in the process!
 This is true to life and the way
God "walks us through the fire" even when we are
not following HIM, and uses the things that we
least expect, to bring us back into right standing
with HIM!

Also a special thanks to a freind in Christ,
David Film, for transferring the digital recording
into mp3 file which could be used on this site,
as well as having a "sister in Christ" do a short
narration, at the end of the song, which invites

YOU to come to the throne of Christ Jesus, and
be forgiven and blessed, made whole and renewed,
plus given ETERNAL LIFE, through simple prayer of
faith. Come INTO the "Kingdom Of God" for it IS
AT HAND, and let Jesus not only be your personal
savior, but show you how to OVERCOME THE DEVIL,
with the word "of your testimony, which shall be
as HIS, through faith".

HE very much wants to protect you from evil, and having bad things happen to you, and those whom you love!
For HE and HE only, can show you His faith, love
you like you have never been loved before, and
give you the desires of your heart, at the same time! Say YES TO JESUS!! Praise the LORD!
Please forward this song and message to whoever
you love enough, to care about what happens to
them, and get blessed by the living God, in the

This is one of the latest songs given me by the LORD. It is on our (Joyce and I) latest C.D.
titled "Enter Into His Rest". It contains 12
originals, written and performed by Joyce and I.
For more information on how to order the C.D.
simply write or email.

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