Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


The Word of the LORD says, God is LOVE. To visit the fatherless,orphans

and widows. Also the LORD loves a cheerful giver.

To show God your love is to DO something for the Father...

” let your love be not in word, but in deed” and also,

“when you do something for the least of one of My people,

you have done it for ME”.

The aids clickathon is the heartbeat of those whom care
enough to do something, pray for them, even if you have not
to give, (cash) Spread the Word, and tell others.

That they can help those children by letting others know that

their CLICK will cause sponsors to DONATE money,

for this noble and loving cause.

Email your freinds, and have your freinds, email this
news as well, for EVERY CLICK COUNTS, to the ones

whom need it the most, those poor starving children!

I urge each and every one of you to pray for the LORD

to move others, to forward this message, as ALL whom

shall do so, shall be blessed.

For the “eyes of the LORD are upon each and every one of you”!

How could someone who says “they love the LORD”,

not at least take the time to click, and let others know as well,

that by so doing, they would make a difference in a starving childs life!

By clicking, forwarding the message, and praying for others to

do as well, May the LORD, of heaven greatly bless, each and everyone of you!

ManofGod Stephen Monday 

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