Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"Rainbows End" (fiction) Short story


David had just got home from a rummage sale,
and was feeling rather pleased with himself
for having paid half of the asking price on
a used metal detector.

He had given no mind to the seller, who had
practically begged for him to offer just a
few dollars more "because her mother was in
need of an operation, and they did not have


just a lie he thought, to try to get more
dollars. Heck, he had lied many times before
in his own life when he felt like it, so why
should he believe someone else's lie?

I will give you $ 25.00, and not a penny
more, he retorted. She took it. He liked
that. He had decided to drive to the beach
and try out his luck where the digging would
be easy.

He grabbed a sandwich and hopped in his new
convertible to drive the eighteen miles up
the interstate to White sands landing and try
his almost new device.

Halfway there he noticed that towards the
west was a huge rainbow, the remnant of a
fast moving shower that had just moved through
the area close to where he was headed.

He could not help but notice that the end of
the rainbow looked like it stopped exactly,
at the very spot where he would soon be

Ha! He thought, I wonder if it signals that
I will find some buried treasure! Not paying
enough attention to what was just over the
slight hill he was traveling, it happened
all too fast.

A tractor trailer right in front of him, had
just swerved to avoid a car that had pulled
out in front of it and when he looked ahead
it was too late to avoid hitting it.

He tried to cut the wheel too fast, and wound
up doing the worst possible move he could make.

His car slid almost sideways to the right,
and caused his driver side door to slam square
into the back of the big rig.

He did not even remember the impact. In fact
when he woke up days later, he was told that
he had rolled his vehicle, after he bounced it
off of the back of the rig, and had been

He was in a coma for three days, in the
hospital, before he opened his eyes. His
doctor told him that most people having
the kind of injuries that he sustained,
would not have lived.

It has to be a miracle said his doctor,
he explained by telling him he had so much
swelling on his brain that they were fixing
to drill holes into his skull, in order to
relieve some of the pressure on his brain.

When his girlfriend said a prayer of faith,
the pressure had dropped very dramatically,
and that he had stabilized very quickly.

But I do not even HAVE a girlfriend said
David...Well, the doctor went on, some young
lady prayed every day for you and had been
at your bedside a number of times...David

thought about this for a while and tried to
guess who it could have been cause he did not
have a sister, and had just moved to this
town, and did not even know any young ladies yet.

While he was pondering this, the door to his
room opened up, and a girl walked toward him.

At first he thought, he had never seen her
before. Hi there, she said as he tried hard
to figure out how she even knew him.

After a long look at her he said, but
you're....she cut him off mid sentence,
yes I'm the one that you bought the metal

detector from...but why? He asked, after
the way that I treated you at the yard sale,
why would you pray for me?

I am a Christian, she said, and was raised to
love every person, even if they treat you
unfairly. The only reason that I could even
remember who you were is because of the
Metallica tee-shirt you had on.

And the fact that the car that they showed
on tv, was your red convertible, I remembered
it, and your shirt, because when they first
brought you in your face was covered

with so much blood, that I could not have
told, by your face alone. David was stunned
that this Christian girl had forgave him,

and prayed for him, and that GOD had answered
her prayer, by saving his life.

I..I..I want to know this GOD, will you teach
me how to turn my life to Him, because He
saved my life, and gave me a second chance,
the Doctor himself said that it has got to

be a miracle, for me to have gotten better
that fast, and for the brain swelling to have
dropped as fast as it did.

I will teach you said the girl with a huge
smile on her face and with the love of GOD
in her eyes. So they spent nearly every

moment together in the next few days. He
accepted LORD Jesus, and three days later he
was released from the hospital.

As they were leaving the hospital David asked,
what were you doing at the hospital when they
brought me in? Praying and staying with my

mother, who was having surgery, at the time
they brought you in....David thought about
this and smiled to himself, for he knew the

girl's story about her mom needing surgery
WAS THE TRUTH. Over time the next couple

of months they grew even closer, and were
married the same year. David looked up and
said thank you LORD, for you knew
exactly what you were doing.......Stephen E. Monday



















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