Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

The Dawninng of His LIGHT

Men and brethren, we are living in the season of harvest
Daniel spoke of in which deliverance comes through the
spirit of Jesus, to a number in which is as the sands of
the sea, and cannot be numbered.

Remember in the word where the elder asked " From whence
came these? Speaking of the many multitude which stood
before the throne of the LORD, and their robes had been

These were they which "came out of great tribulation".
They came out of great tribulation, by following the spirit
of Christ Jesus.

Ceasing to do their own works, they picked up HIS, and
entered into His rest, by walking through the "open door"
into the Kingdom of God! Remember when Christ said "a man
cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven untill he is baptized
in water, and in the Holy Ghosts fire.

He was simply speaking of this generation, which Christ
Himself "annoints their eyes with eye salve so that they
may see" that ALL THINGS, have been placed under the feet
of Christ Jesus!

His spirit has come unto whomsoever will SUBMIT unto the
spirit of Christ, to Him HE gave them power to overcome
all things, with HIS love and the word of their testimony
has become HIS, by following Christs command to "come out
of her, be ye not partakers of her sins (Babylon).

A man cannot by himself overcome the Devil! For Christ
Himself said: It is I whom give you the power to resist
the Devil!

As many Churches whom are still bound by sin, have not
heeded Christ instructions, to put the LORD first in all
things, love HIM with all of your mind body and strength
and spirit, and love thy brother as thyself!

Every offender is a wounded spirit, whom can only wound
and offend others, untill their time comes, and they turn
from iniquities, and Jesus gets them back up!

When He said " I am the resurrection" HE meant that by
HIS spirit, restoration and divine order come to His
house (the heart) and we become partakers of the first
resurrection, once HE has delivered us from sin!

For sin, left unconfessed, blinds a persons eyes to the
truths written in Gods Holy Word! Have you ever wondered
why there were so many divisions in the Church?

It is because, they have let man pollute the word of God
into a lie! The testimony of men, IS THE LIE OF THE DEVIL.
Hath not the word said? "let every man be a liar and the
Word of God truth" and also "receive ye not, the testimony
of men".

For the LORD has unveiled His word to everyone who submits
unto His spirit, to be taught by Him and the Father.
And EVERYONE of them are all of one accord, for they were
taught by HIM, to perceive all things by faith "as it is

They have become equal unto His holy angels, and have
been commanded to thrust in thy sickle and reap! By His
LOVE and forgiveness, they reconcile the lost, back into
right standing before the very throne of God!

This IS the Last battle in which the Father says is His
and Christ Jesus has already sent fourth judgment into
victory! Righteous judgment hath been given unto all whom
are the sons and daughters of the Lord, and HIS JUDGMENT
CHANGES NOT, for it is good! It through the LOVE of Christ
gives mercy, and forgiveness unto the lost.

Christ is DOING AWAY WITH THE CHURCH, and raising up HIS
body, which is without spot or blemish! ( I do not mean
tear their buildings down) but do away with denominations
that divide and cause contention and strife, envy, ect.

He IS the uniter of all hearts, for HE said "if I be lifted
up, ALL men shall be drawn unto Me" through His love and

This is the STANDARD, which HE raises up to undo the very
works of the enemy. For He who has Christ, the Devil HAS
to FLEE them! As it is written: The Kingdom of God
abides with men, and HE shall give it unto whomsoever, HE

Has HE not said? "He hath made us all to be as ministering
spirits? We are in the very days when WE, THROUGH HIM
judge angels in the great white throne judgment! For who
can stay His hand?

When we do the Fathers will/word in spirit and in truth
are we not using His judgments, as they each are written
and as HE IS, so are we whom stay submitted unto Him.
His judgments change not, neither does His word, and this
Kingdom which is all under His dominion, He Reigns and
rules from heaven, untill every enemy becomes as HIS

For as all judgment hath been comitted unto the Son, HE
gives us His judgments unto His Sons and Daughters, for
they carry out His Fathers will, and turn the hearts of
the children back unto the Father, so that as it is
written: so shall it be done.

Hath not the Father said in His word? The end of a thing
is BETTER than the beginning thereof? He has done and will
continue to do exactly what HE has already told us what
shall come to pass. As HE hath also said: To YOU, it has
been given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of

To know ALL of these things, first know Jesus Christ,
Then Let HIM show you, as you honor Him, the true
meanings of His Fathers words, for the opinions of men
ALL DIFFER, for their own sin, untill confessed, has
blinded their eyes to these meanings written in His word,
as the word saith: without the spirit, there is NO
UNDERSTANDING, of the things that are Holy.

All things, hath the Father written about, and ALL things
in His word are HOLY! HE wants YOU to know and understand
ALL of these things, so that you will stop "leaning unto
your own understanding, for as LONG as you continue to
judge things for yourself, by looking at what your
eyes see, instead of KNOWING, what HE has written, then
you send the LORD the message that "you know better than
HE does" and it leads them into giving Satan your seat
instead of Christ!

This is what Christ meant when He said" and you shall
know the truth, and the truth shall set you free" free
that is to have unspeakable joy, in His rest, knowing
the End and the beginning, and free from going into
the captivity of Satan!

This is why Revelations call the beast, that WAS AND IS
NOT. For he cannot touch a single hair on those who know
the LORDS Word and truth! For HE is NOT, to them, for
they through Christ Jesus, have CAST HIM DOWN!!!!

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