Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Glory Unto Him! C.D. "Into His Rest" is finished!

I seldom bear record of myself, for as a servant of
Christ, all boasting is about the things HE has done
through prayer, supplications, and dilligently seeking
the Kingdom of God.

As most of you know, I am a professional singer/songwriter
and producer of the band the LORD has us to name,

As the LORD has blessed us (me and the wife) with about 80
or more Gospel songs, and has blessed her piano playing
and singing with HIS anointing, we decided through prayer
to produce and make available three Gospel c.d.'s.
This is where 40 yrs+ guitar exp. helps, (praise God)!
This was around 2 months ago, and the LORD has been
faithful to provide all things. So I joyfully announce
our first c.d. titled "Into His Rest".

All songs were given to me by the LORD, and ALL say they
can hear and feel HIS anointing in every song, and
arrangement. It has twelve songs on it (none which sound
even close to be alike). Every lyric "rightly divides
the Word of His Truth" it was a blessing to make, and has
had an impact upon everyone whom has heard it, for it
was ALL the LORDS doing.

It was digitally recorded, as its sound is as you were
hearing us sing his praises live on stereo! Some songs,
are fast foot stomper, holy ghost fired/inspired, while
others are originals which range from moderate to
rocking, smooth easy listening.

The LORD advised us to cut costs by selling them online.
The cost is 10.00 per c.d. or 6.00 per cassette.
Please specify which is preferred, when placing orders.

Cash, check, or money orders only. call or write

Stephen Monday
1-318-325-7586 (phone)

(Address) 113 Colette Drive.
Monroe, Louisiana 71202

All monies used to finance the Kingdom of God, and for the
glory of the Father.

Here is a sample list of the songs on the c.d.

1. Enter Into His Rest
2. Give The LORD Your All
3. This Is The Jesus
4. When You Trust The LORD
5. He Will Do The Same For You
6. Jesus Of Nazareth
7. Hallelujah! Praise The LORD
8. Let Go and Let God
9. Love At It's Best
10. How Battles Are Won
11. Glory To His Name
12. Is Your Name On The Roster

Sow $10.00 into the good soil of His ministry, and watch
HIM return it unto you 100 fold!

All materials written, arranged and performed by Stephen
and Joyce Monday.
Have a blessed day brethren! ManofGod

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