Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

The Books have BEEN OPENED!

When Revelations speaks about the "books being opened,
and each man judged according to his works" the LORD tells
me that "wisdom and knowledge has increased".

We can see this, because through Christ, the interpretation
of the written word of God, has been given unto men
through the Holy Spirit of Christ.

At the beginning of the "falling away" Satan got his foot
into the door of the Church, "through flatteries"! Men
speaking well of men, beholding the things of men, instead
of the things of God.

This HAD to happen, because it was written! Gods glory
comes from men realizing that the living God, has kept
every word written. Line upon line, precept upon precept
god has fulfilled his will and testament!

Whether a man goes with the word of God in spirit and in
truth, or whether he tries to go against it, the word of
the living God is proven every day, in every way!

Does not EVERY man REAP EXACTLY, what he sows? Whether it
be evil unto evil, or good unto good! Know ye not that
when the LORDS judgments were poured out on the earth by
the seven angels with the wrath of His indignation, that
the JUDGMENTS of Jesus, according to His Fathers word
were ordained, purposed and set into motion?

If this were not so, and judgment day was set somewhere
off in the distant future, then men could do evil all the
day long, WITHOUT repercussions, IN THIS LIFETIME!

If His judgments were not enforced by Jesus, then NO-ONE
could be rewarded with His blessings, for being a blessing!
Is it NOT the LIVING GOD who repays and gives just
recompense unto every man-in this lifetime?

How could "the spirit be the best teacher" if the living
Christ Jesus from His throne, did not reveal secrets and

All things are given for us to know, who follow the spirit
and walk within the Kingdom of God, showing the LORD they
love Him, by keeping His commandments, for without the
LORD revealing from heaven the true meanings of His Fathers
words, there would not one have the righteousness
of Christ!

The day of salvation is "now" says the word! The day of
deliverance from sin comes the moment you give your
testimony unto the LORD, according as it is written.
This is all done "not by might, nor by power, but by MY
spirit sayest the living God! Be ye blessed in Christ Jesus

If you want to know what the living God has in store for
your life, then pray for guidance, wisdom and understanding
and study the Holy word of God! For of a truth "He has
told us all things, BEFORE they come to pass!


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