Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Mighty One Of Israel

Oh mighty One of Israel,

There is none but Thee

For every human effort fails

By motives sought, found not, in Ye

For the flesh knoweth not, nor understands

The vastness of thine grace

Without thine words within one hands

All that's Holy doth escape

For knowledge, wisdom, power

All three belong to Ye

By your spirit, you explain, the deep things

Ordained of Thee

You show yourself within your works

According as it is written

Thine mercy, love, is always first

From the throne, where Thou are sitting

Thou keepest reign, upon all things

No thing escapes Thy sight,

Thy judgments true, and so shall do

Thine Fathers will and delight

It is not what men say or even do

That determines all outcomes

But what Thou hast chosen, ONLY YOU

And your Father, can perform!

For you are the perfect love, He sent

To reconcile us all

To make the crooked straight, Amen,

And to raise us when we fall

Praise You for your glory, Praise Thy Holy Name

Thine sacrifice, hath paid the price

So that all may be redeemed

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