Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"Into His Gates -with Praise!"

Praise The LORD Jesus, that we can with His truth,
march fouth into the victory!

Is is His very truth "living word" that can translate
scriptures, because they walk within the Kingdoms truth!
Not adding to, or taking away, a dot or a tittle.

This is why also, their yes is their yes, and their no is
no! for in their reply, cometh with the authority of
Jesus Christ truth!

Durring conversation with these saved souls, whom follow
the Lamb whithersoever it goeth, we can see that by their
faith they have received daily communion with Him, through
the word of God.

It is simply walking by faith: using your minds eyes
upon your heart, mind and conscience as before the throne
of the Living God whom is judge of all and King, to know
that firstly: His perceptions of you should be all about
Him, and none about you!

A What may I do as your King and ordained preist to
be consecrated unto your holiness? and He said: Do My Word

As all of His word is truth, it "covers every subject"!

It is our guide into His heart, His ways, His unchangable
self: King of Righteousness! Servent unto servent!
Is the living and the "doing" of Gods holy works, daily,
even as in secret.

No matter what you knew yesterday, what you do with what
you learned, today! can change everything


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