Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


To all whom are faithful unto the truth, thy knowest in
thy spirit, for the LORD hath "imprinted His Word in our
hearts" says the Word.

What NEVER fails to blow ME away,personally speaking
is HOW the LORD can take the weakest, most unlikely
source, and turn it into something HE uses to show Himself
mighty in!

When the word says, i.e. (Jesus) "ye shall see mighty
signs and wonders, signs in the heavens and on the earth"
We live in the times of great signs and wonders!

Our congregation 30-50 members, see miracles daily worked
by whomsoever will/have submitted unto to do the LORDS
will. Cancers gone, kidneys made new in Jesus name, kidney
stones dissolved ect, ect. praise the LORD.

When you know the LORDS word, and His ways, I have learned
from Jesus spirit, HOW to show HIS love and not even
appear preachy.

Just a genuine clear conscience unto the LORD, and letting
His spirit teach me all things, it is amazing how the LORD
is showing Himself, to be the doing of His Fathers Words,
in spirit and in truth.

A Faithful witness, Jesus (the faithful witness) can show
us the meanings of His Fathers words, day by day moment by
moment, by faith thank God, for "the tabernacle in heaven
was opened, and out of it came the testimony of Christ

By faith, we all shall have the testimony of Christ Jesus,
as the Sons plant the good seed, the harvest shall be
sure, as the word incorruptable is the living God.

Men see their sin, turn unto the living God (Jesus) and
HE can turn whatsoever Satan intended for evil unto good
every time, for that IS what the LORD does, praise God! 

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