Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


When you need a blessing from the LORD Jesus Christ, the
surest way to receive them are TO BE a blessing unto
your every brother!

When you lift every soul unto Christ, knowing that all
have been to be committed to be under His feet and the
GLORY of His throne,

Your whole perspective changes about how you view your

That phone call that came from someone whom just needed
uplifted, were a blessing unto you, as well as you were
unto them, for they spoke it unto you!

When we confirm and affirm to each other, the signs and
wonders, of His works, we cannot help but to exhort and

Praise is perfected in the giving of thanks.

The "good word in due season" is the very word from the
LORD, that each one of us gets by sowing the truth of God
in thought and in deed.

For the word sayest: if a man says that he loves God,
but has aught against his brother, He is a liar and the
truth is not in him.

We truly reap what we sow. In everything and in everyday
life, we set an example: i.e. we LEAD, others to think
about how to treat us, by our body posture, gestures
many of which most folk are not even aware that they do.

When we give others Gods mercy and unfeigned love, we
will receive from Him our just reward, IN THIS LIFETIME!
For He is quick to forgive and faithful to all of his

This is received as a blessing unto them, for all whom
loveth the LORD, lovest the ones whom loveth HIM!

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