Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


Jesus said: A good tree cannot bring forth bad fruit,
nor can a corrupt tree bringeth forth good fruit.

The Lord judges everything you do and say, for "all
judgment hath been comitted unto the Son"

A good tree is: in the LORDS judgment, is one whom does
the will/word, of the Father (Holy Bible)

A bad tree: is one whom does Satans/Devils, will or evil
to the LORD and unto their brother.

"A man cannot serve two masters" meaning that you either
serve the LORDS ways, or you ARE SERVING Satan!

Many may think that they "justify" their actions by
offering to their brother excuses, e.g. "Well if He had
done what was right unto me, I would have done what was
right unto him".

This is mens way of thinking, and Satan is the one whom
tries to convince them they are right. This "seems right"
to the eyes of the world, but the world is NOT, our judge,
Christ Jesus and the word of God, is our judge!

As long as there is unforgiven sin, and unrepentance in
a persons heart, they will always seek to justify
themselves, through their OWN REASONINGS.

This is why it is written: "lean not unto thine own
understanding". (proverbs)

For "all which is outside of faith, is sin".

One cannot be IN SIN, without BEING DECEIVED! They might
not realise this, because that is what deception is all
about...."adding to, or taking away" from the meanings of
Gods words.

If we have not confessed the LORD Jesus Christ, and
turned unto Him for deliverance from sin, then everything
we think, and do, is based on the lies of the Devil!

We were all children once, and no matter how "good" we
think our parents raised us, If they did not do the word
of God, then we wind up being "conformed unto the world"!

I speak this NOT, of condemnation, for we ALL have sinned
and fell short of the glory of God!

The whole point here is: we have to let the LORD, change
the entire way we think about everything, before we can
conform into His ways!

Every one of us was born WITH a carnal nature! If our
parents were Godly people, then they started teaching us
about the LORD, at a very early age!

"A just man shall fall seven times, but he shall get back
up" proverbs

Notice here it says a "just" man! No matter how Godly we
were raised, every one of us, still stumble and sin, at

least seven times! This comes to pass simply because the
"flesh wars against the spirit" just as the word says
will happen! No-one is exempt from this!

But also know, that the LORD, goes after the lost, and
when we stumble, Christ Jesus intercedes to the Father
and gets us back up!

No-one, no matter what they have done in the past, as
long as there is breath in the body, is so far from the
LORD, that they cannot be saved!

"For the LORD is merciful, and will forgive all whom

Once you have been forgiven by Christ, then forgive others
and simply ask the LORD Jesus to show you His ways,
at the start of everyday life! He will do so for He says

" I will withhold no good thing, from those whom ask"
His ways, are the way of peace, joy, blessings and
the abundant life!

The worlds ways are hate, envy, jealousy, strife, lust
pride, corruption, lying, stealing, covetness, anger,
injustice, malace, evil, self serving, ect,ect.

Turn from all of these things, let Christ Jesus show you
how to resist the Devil through Him, and live!

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