Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

New Jerusalem

My brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, put on the "mind
of Christ" even as you read this very article. It will
give you, through His spirit, the very same perspective.

As reigning King of Kings, and LORD of LORDS, that Christ
Jesus is, ALL judgment hath been committed to the Son, to

This is something that HE, by His spirit, never fails to do
and He does it without ever sleeping. Day and night, all
over the earth, the LORDS eyes and ears are doing
righteous judgment!

For every child has been given the ability through Christ
to have and use "the very faith of Christ" for faith is
ENTIRELY COMPRISED, of His Fathers writings. For the
spirit of truth (Holy Ghost) only UNDERSTANDS the meanings
of the words written in the holy bible, and when we

through Christ, leading us as a humble small child, WALKS
us through, the New Jerusalem, we let HIM, tell us what
every spirit is saying! When we hear anything said, or
see something done, we LOOK through His "eyes of the word"
and HE, shows and explains to us, moment by moment

minute by minute, for all who are "of the truth" (His
Word) "Hear His voice" sayest Jesus! When we hear His voice
we know He is going to be speaking His Fathers word.

The thing about this perception, is to realize that we
live in His Kingdom, day by day. When we hear or see
people doing anything, we understand that the LORD has
already ESTABLISHED a purpose for, and a reason, the very
thing we see them do or say.

Do we realize that in the eyes of Jesus, even every
offender, is being seen and watched? For He in knowing
that it is not His Fathers will, for any man to perish,
FOLLOWS the LOST, through their "trials and tribulations"?

And AS, he is following their "offences" He is also
watching, the person "being offended" to SEE just HOW
will they react? If they truly LOVE, the LORD, then they
truly LOVE their brother, AS THE LORD LOVES THEM!

For they know and understand, and ask the Father, "father
forgive them for they know not what they do" and they pray
for that person, to do the work of an intercessor FOR
Christ Jesus.

If the person, will then receive them, they will also
give them the love and the truth, of the LORD!

This is the "ministry of reconciliation" we as sons of
God, have been left!

In the LOVE for God, just as Jesus had, is this:
"them whom love me, shall keep My Commandments"

How did Jesus "prove" His LOVE for the Father?
He proved it with the very same tool, WE have been given
to prove it with!

Faith that works, which is AT WORK, uses the MEANINGS
OF GODS words, which are holy, to judge all things!
For the word sayest "prove all things" and "test the
spirits, to see if they are from God!

If the words they speak USE THE MEANINGS, of Gods Holy
word, in their daily conversations, then they through
Christ Jesus spirit, are "washing their brothers robes"
just as Jesus did, so shall we all learn to do.

This is why you know where the person stands, in the sight
of the living God, so that you will know "as a servant"
what the LORD would have you to do for them!

The only way, Christ teaches all men, and brings them
ALL "into one accord" is have them by His spirit, know
the Fathers word, and understand it the way that He does!

Then they use it everyday, line upon line precept upon
precept. Only the Holy Ghost, and the "mind of Christ"
(which is the Fathers entire word) can demonstrate the
love OF Jesus.

"God is love" Jesus is LORD, when He lives in you, and
you stay submitted unto Him, HE will keep your thoughts
HOLY, by casting down every vain imagination, or any
thing that exalts itself against the throne of God.

When you walk with Jesus, the flesh stays enslaved, and
you become a loving bondservant unto Him, to do His
Fathers word/will, for they never change, and HE LIVES
and abides in them.

The "new heaven, and the new earth" are being raised up
by His spirit, with every person whom kicks the Devil
out of their living TEMPLE, and replaces him with JESUS
SPIRIT..the (Holy Ghost)!

For it is this Kingdom, which lives ON, the earth, that
the "gates of Hell" can do nothing against!

All whom are called of Him, do everything they do "as unto
the LORD"
What this means is that every person you meet and deal
with through Him, will be blessed!

For He whom is blessed by Him, cannot help but be a
blessing unto others. In Christ

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