Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Oppression Is The Wage, of COMPROMISE

To all whom serve and know the truth, we know that
oppression IS the WAGE of compromise. For all whom add to
or take away from the glory of the LORDS truth, the LORD
keeps His word Holy, by sending derision/delusion unto the

This causes him to actually believe what he is doing is
right! This IS the spirit of error! It is the LORD whom
sends this judgment to the offender, until the time is
right for him to be delivered!

This how the judgment of the word of the LORD works to
fulfill all righteousness! He sends His judgment on those
who disobey, and brings them under the rod of His

Praise God, it is His righteous judgments, that keep HIM
and His word Holy! As HE is "the beginning and the end"
HE makes sure that the "end of the matter, is better than
the beginning thereof".

This is how, "all things worketh for good, to him who
loves the LORD, and keepeth His commandments".

Since it is Christ Jesus whom ordained all things to be
for His express intent and purposes, it is HE and HE only
to whom command of all spirits hath been given.

When Pilate told Jesus, "Know ye not that I have
the power to have you crucified"? Jesus said to Him:
Ye could do nothing, had not My Father who is in heaven
given ye from above".

This is for us to see the lesson therein: No thing,
surprises the Father, because nothing can come into being
without HIS expressed APPROVAL!

If we are faced with "evil" it is always because the LORD
hath given approval to test us (our faith), or because we
have sown "evil". For it is written: "faith that has yet to
be tested, hath not been proven".

Faith that is being proven, always passes the test, for the
word says "the LORD will not put onto us, more than we are
able to bear"!

His judgments are just, and fair to all men, for all of His
ways are equal. His right hand upholds goodness in His
mercy and truth.


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