Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


Theres vision at the throne of Heaven
That sees all, Therin to see

He sees the good, and the bad
For all is what, HE ordained it to be

Nothing ever changes, or even moves
Outside His mind, for ALL comes forth

By His own hands, By His own blood
HE has proved its priceless worth

His righteous judgments, He delights in daily

Its as His Fathers written:
Scripted by His hands, We live His way

To those whom knoweth it not Hes smitten
The unrighteous teeth are broken, night and day

His purposed in His heart to do, all by righteous
judgments shown

So He gave up Jesus Christ for you
So, HE could teach us, what we KNOW

For all of what we see and hear, has happened up THERE

For the LORD hath give approval
For He keeps, His judgments Just

So what we see, we KNOW HES SEEN
And does so justify it

For HE ORDAINED all powers that be
His Father hath supplied it

Whatever happens next, just know
Hes watching YOU and ME

His ears only hear, that which, HE IS DOING
His eyes only see, what His Father and HE, hath written

So let your understanding be
What He says to you, is already written

On the fleshly part of your heart
He hath engraved His word, with His own hand

To Christ, all things are spiritual
For HE is a spirit, personified of the Holy Ghost

Glorified in the Honoring, Of His Fathers Word
HE IS the LIGHT, of all understanding

His Joy, IS the peace of His rest, IN POWER
His communion is daily bread for the preists

And Kings, whom walketh in the Kingdom of God, THIS HOUR
For He still does as He has always done

The testimony of His mouth
Is the sword that overcomes

For Only His people, hath command of their own spirit
Through Christ Jesus, He can bring our spirit

Under subjection, through His great love
For without Him, how can man, even KNOW, what

He has been made of
Step Into His Kingdom

Then you will know His Freedom

IS the sword that KEEPS HIS YOUTH

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