Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


As I stand before His throne of grace,

I consider Him, as face to face

For His eyes see all, I say and do

For there is nothing hidden, from His veiw

LORD, grant thy servants humble request

To put to death, this worm called flesh

Your righteousness, is what I seek

Thy spirits will, impart to me

Not just scriptures, Of Thy ways

I seek Thy LOVE, to share each day

Moldest me to be like Thee, Thine spirit of Truth

Will set all free.

This heart of flesh, You have made anew

I want to see, inside it, YOU

And as we walk, do guide each step

To see Thy watchmans word, is kept

For I surrender, all to Thee

Oh what splendor, and majesty!

Thy grace and beauty, endless deep

The account I give, shall be of Thee!

For Thou hast overcome all things

And overshadowed us, with Thy wings

For Thou hast manifest to us, Thine heart

For YOU are the Fathers, work of ART

Lead us all, to one accord

That we make manifest, Thy Fathers Word

Show us daily, what Thy are doing

That we keep Thy paths, whilst we are pursuing!

And as Thy testimony leaves our lips

Let our praise and thanks, Your name uplift!

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