Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


Christ spoke unto His disciples saying: even as I received
from My Father, so ye also shall receive.

He also said: "This doctrine is not Mine own, but My


Did not Jesus say " I say nothing, lest I hear My Father
say it, I do nothing, let I see My Father do it".

This makes it very plain, that the JUDGMENT, that was
used and given to Christ Jesus, came directly from His

We have the Fathers word. HE CHANGES NOT, therefore HIS
Word and His judgment changes not either!

We by faith, through the spirit of Christ Jesus, can be
taught of the Father, the very same way, that Christ was!

All we have to do, to be led by His spirit, is be forgiven
and turn from being a servant to sin!

The LORDS prayer, EQUIPTS us everyday "thy will be done"
and forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who
have trespassed against us"

When we say this prayer, we not only submit our will unto
Him, we ask Him to "deliver us from evil" this IS His
will to do this, as this is how Jesus taught His disiples
to pray.

Jesus, being sinless, NEVER ONCE, went His own way,
without asking His Father first! He never once "leaned
unto His own understanding"

This is where ERROR, causes many to stumble! They think
they know, so they "assume, go their own way" and then
suffer the consequences!

What would Jesus do? Is a famous quote! We already HAVE
THE ANSWER, to every question that could be addressed!
It is "the will of His Father" IT IS, 'the way of His
Fathers word, according as it is written.

If you want the abundant life of blessing that Jesus had,
Just look at what Jesus did everytime!!! His Fathers will!
Not some of the times, but everytime!

We have the word of God (the Bible) we have the spirit of
Truth (Christs spirit) and the printed manual to show us
His way to do everything!

So wherein lies ANY QUESTION, about what we should do
about anything? To be blessed, and be a blessing unto
others, the answer is always "as it is written" ask the
holy spirit first before you do anything, and He will
always give you the answers that are written in His
Fathers word!

As the LORD, changes NOT, neither do the answers from the
Holy Spirit, they will always stay true to what the
Father has written and testified to, in His Holy Word!

Grace and peace be unto you, from our LORD Jesus Christ.


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