Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

On Bended Knees

On bended knee, before His throne
I thanked the Father, for all HE had done

And as His words, did grace my tongue
HE shut up fire, within my bones

And suddenly within I felt
My insides stir, new strength did well

He gently spoke, into my heart
And said dear child, I have set My mark

Perceivest thou? To do My will?
Yes LORD said I, as thou reveal

Lift up thine head, and look to Me
For what I sendest thou cometh from HE

As I beheld, the heavens shook
And thus did appear: a little book

Into thy mouth, it shall be sweet
Take ye this, and so do eat

In thy belly, it shall be bitter
But it shall change, and get much better

So I took it, into My mouth
And quickly did so, chew it down

And it was just, as HE had said
A spirit knowledge filled, my head

These words ye are to prophesy
Unto all nations, by and by

Do ye understand, now's the time said HE
At My command ye so shall speak

I said thou knowest, I shall do
Before I speak, I shall look to YOU!

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