Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

No Tribulation, for THE REDEEMED

Christ spoke: In the world, ye shall have great
tribulation, but be ye of good cheer: For I have overcome
the world!

As many whom "seek first the Kingdom of God, and His
righteousness", HAVE NO TRIBULATION!

Certainly there are tests of faith, but by seeking Him
and His way, we know that first, we cast our cares on
Him, and HE is faithful to honor those petitions and
bring us out of them, better than when we went into them!

This is what ENTERING INTO HIS REST means! He truly
has addressed every situation and is right there to
show us how to handle doing "righteous judgment" and
to do so is a blessing unto us and everyone around us!

Where the word says "pray without ceasing" it clearly
means for us to "give Him all things" for how can we
EXPECT to "receice" all things IN FAITH, unless we are
willing to trust Him in them?

Everytime we "lean to our own understanding" WITHOUT
seeking His counsel first, we break commandment and
give the Devil a place, and the LORD has no choice
but to "keep" His own words, and send the same evil we
send out, right back unto our own heads.

He does this "meaning it for our own good" to cause us to
turn back to Him, and trust Him in and for all things!

When we do His will first, before deciding ourselves
this is done in faith, and He is faithful to reward us
everytime for putting Him first! " I honor those whom
honor Me".

God is just:"there shall no evil happen to the just".
By letting Him show us what to do, before we do anything,
we not only honor Him, but He takes everything that
happens and turns it into a teaching, that is also a

If you are tired of struggling against the Devil, then
STOP, giving him a place, by doing thing your own way!

It is IMPOSSIBLE, to fight EVIL with EVIL! It must be
fought with GOOD, which is Gods love faith and mercy!

"Resist NOT evil" for when evil comes to you, it is
just recompense. This is sent by God, " I will send evil"
because "whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also

This is why it is written "stand not in the way of evil".
There is NOT a man on earth, whom evil has come unto

undeserved! Every time, he can think back, and remember
a sin against God or His brother, that went unconfessed!

This is Gods law, and cannot be undone! I know that we are
not under the law, as it was nailed to the cross with
Christ, but when we forsake His grace and mercy, and

repay "evil for evil" then we have judged WHILE GUILTY
OURSELVES, and we put "ourselves under the law, when we
do not forgive, "even as He forgave us" and place every
offense at the foot of the cross!

It took many years of living the hard way, for the LORD
to get this across to me! And since through Christ
Jesus I have done this, I have offended none, NOR HAVE

This is His law of grace! When we give grace and mercy
through Him, He blesses us with the ability to receive
the same from our brothers! This IS THE LIBERTY WHICH
cometh to those whom are "set free" by Him in faith!

The word tells us to "judge not, lest you be jugded"
But HE expect us to through HIM and faith ,to "judge
righteous judgment". This is what is meant by the

scriptures "test the spirits, to see whether they be
from God". Are you "testing the spirits" for I guarantee
you that "He who weighth the hearts" (Christ Jesus)
HE is TESTING YOURS, everyday! For it is written:
"Faith that is yet to be proven, hath not been tested".

In Christ ManofGod

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