Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"What Seest Thou?"

True perspective and perception, comest from on high
For if we perceive it all as dark, Wev'e bought

The Devils lie!

Through His spirits ears and eyes, we "see" just as it's

For He stays the same, and does not change
The serpents heads been SMITTEN!

There is purpose in all things by Him
Does He not fail to make it good?

Over death and Hell, Christ hath prevailed
Do you see this as you should?

Cast aside all envy, strife, and vain ungodly ways
Receive forgiveness in your life, and get His LOVE

Into your days.
Then from within, you shall begin, to see all things anew

For it twas that stony heart of old,
That had obscured your veiw!

You then start speaking blessings, forsake that wayward

For it had bound, and wrapped around, and beset you
Bad to worse!

He has changed your thinking, to behold and praise
His works.

For now you see what HE sees, When he teaches bible verse!
How much more, shall we be filled, When we look to

Christ as first?
For HE leads us to crystal waters,and satisfies all thirst.

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