Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"Stir The Gift Within YOU"!!

My brethren, Christ Jesus knit you together while ye were
yet in your mothers womb. He KNEW YOU! There are NO
accidents that are made by the Lord!

He knew what your name would be, He gave you gifts and
talents that you may have not even discovered yet! As the
author and finisher of your faith, HE wrote and predestined
the very who, HE made you to be!

Sure HE gave us freedom of choice, but HE knew which
choices you would make, and HE has not taken HIS eyes off

of you! He has a way of taking every bad choice you made
and turning it into a personal lesson that teaches you to
conform into HIS righteousness!

Picture in your minds eye, HIM, setting on HIS throne of
glory, shaping and molding the creation named YOU, that
no one else on the planet can be but YOU! You truly ARE
one of a kind.

You may think that you have a long way to go in growing to
be pleasing to Jesus, but take heart in knowing that HE is

at work, 24 hours a day, planning good for you and not
evil! HE sees what you are going to become, for HE looks
only forward and not backward!

As there is ONLY one HIM, so also know that there is only
ONE YOU! The purposes that HE has planned for YOU, only
YOU can fulfill, because HE knows the very reasons that HE

has made you as you are! It is the words YOU speak, that
come from HIM in faith, that will change someones' life
forever, and bring them into HIS eternal kingdom.

For it is written: "He has made us all, as ministering
spirits". Just as soon as YOU decide to be all that HE
would have you to be, and surrender your will unto HIM,

by saying the LORDS prayer, "thy will be done" HE will
begin to teach and bless you, above everything that you
could even imagine or think. Stir the gift inside you!
Give HIM the ladle, and trust in HIS mercy and goodness!

If someone were to go into great detail pertaining to the
things HE has in store for you, YOU would be amazed!
Know ye not that you were wonderfully created for HIS

express intent and purpose? Children, we are living IN,
the very times in which, HE shows himself plainly! All we
have to do to find HIM, is seek His way and His will, and

IT IS FREE FOR THE ASKING! " I will withhold no good gift",
sayest LORD GOD, to those whom believe and do not doubt!

HE wants very much to pour out HIS love upon you, and
bless everything you put your hand unto! HE is watching
through the very eyes that you are LOOKING THROUGH!

For Christ said: "The kingdom of GOD is WITHIN YOU"!

Set ye, with me, on the throne of David, says the LORD,
till I make your enemies, as your footstool! For YOU will

see that HE has already placed EVERYTHING, underneath HIS
feet, and HE wants to show this unto you, personally!
For: "His name is above everything that has been named".

Confess, repent (turn from sin) HE ENABLES YOU TO DO SO!
Resist the Devil, and he will HAVE to flee from you, and

you will find freedom like you have never known! Our LORD
does NOT have a long list of do's and don'ts! This is what
the world wants you to think!

For I give ye a new commandment: says Jesus! "Love thy
GOD with all thy mind body and strength, put HIM first in
all things, and do unto others as HE would have you do".

This IS HIS LAW, for all of the laws and commandments
of the prophets, hang on this commandment! It is simply
the law of HIS LOVE!!!
In Christ, ManofGod

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