Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


My brothers/sisters Americas voters are being tested by
the Lord Jesus Christ! The word says "faith that has yet
to be tested, has not been proven".
Also "the word of God is tested everyday" How is it being
tested? You faith is tested by Christ Jesus, in every
decision you make, everyday of your life!

Moment by moment, minute by minute, we reveal which spirit
is leading us to Christ in everything we say and do!
This is why we must know the truth of the LORD, so that we
may let Him bring it to the forefront of our minds by

This is also known as following "after the spirit"! In
eight states this November 7th elections, WE ARE BEING
TESTED! Why do I say such? Because in these eight states
they are testing our resolve in the MORAL issues!

Are we going to continue to let states teach our children
that same sex marrige, homosexuality, and anything "goes"?
That is exactly what they will do, as in Massachutes and
Califorina, if we do not TAKE A FIRM STAND ON MARRIGE!

The LORD has defined what a marrige is, and it is between
a man and a woman, to be blessed in His sight! If we let
the state define what they like it to be, then they will
teach our children that WE are the bad guys for not being
loving and "tolerant" of alternative lifestyles!

We are loving and tolerant, because we realize that our
battles are not with flesh and blood, but with Satan and
princapalities of darkness! Just because "we agree
quickly with our enemies "while we are in the way with
them", does not mean that we cannot chose to take a stand
on what we allow states to teach our children!

This is an issue that we cannot be complacent on! We bless
and curse not, nor do we condemn men, but we do not have
to lay down our moral fibers, and forget that family is
what the Lord has defined as holy, and not men!

It is God that ordains marrige, NOT the State! We cannot
afford to let liberal minded leftist activists teach our
children, even without our consent, that men with men are
perfectly normal! Would they not be destroying what we have
taught them at home, if we let them get away with this?

Look at what has happened to the schools since prayer was
not allowed, nor bible reading! WE have got to take a firm
stand, and let our voice be heard to our congressmen with
the way that we vote this election!

If we let the liberal states decide what is right and
normal, then they will instantly redifine marrige laws AND
start teaching our children that WE are the bigots who are

What GOD has made holy, HE tells us to KEEP it holy!
Let the LORD vote your conscience this election! Send the
STATES a MESSAGE, that it is GOD who is in control AND

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