Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"Prove All Things"

The word of God, says to "prove all things" the things
spoken of here are the "line upon line" precept on precept
of Gods Holy word! This is why it is so important to
"study to show thyself approved unto God".

He wants to show you firsthand just how faithful HE is
at keeping His word! He wants you to perceive and receive
"all things" in faith that believes that HE will do exactly
as HE has said HE would in His word!

When a person "seeks and follows after the spirit" he is
given signs and wonders, by the living God, that prove
just how faithfull He is in all matters!

When we forsake mens way, and go His, we will be a blessing
to everyone to whom HE brings us into contact with, and at
the same time, HE blesses everything we do, for He sees
from heaven and rewards those whom dilligently follow

All whom are taught by Him, and do this, already know
these things, but it is his will to bring us all into one
accord, to love thy brother, to bless and curse not.

To those whom still seek after the ways of the world:
unforgiveness, selfishness, self willed, unthankful, angry
souls whom know not why they are mad at the world, Have ye
not reaped exactly what ye have sown? Does this alone not
prove to you that it is GOD who controls all things?
HE says in HIS word " I will repay" " I will bring the
wickedness of the wicked right back unto their own heads!
Know ye not that HE meant, RIGHT NOW, IN THIS LIFETIME?

As long as ye keep doing evil, HE will continue to send it
right back to you, for HE keeps His word! Take heart and
know that HE does this, to turn you from it, back to HIM!
No matter what you have done in the past, just say one
humble prayer, asking forgiveness in sincerity, and HE
will forgive, and NOT bring back up your past sin, when
you turn from your ways unto His way! You are just ONE
prayer away from being blessed by GOD! It does NOT please
Him to have to correct you, but all the children of
disobedience, HE does this to, for their own good!

Change your life! Find true and complete hapiness in
Christ Jesus! He will teach you all things! HE will show
you HIS will, in every matter, if you will just honor HIM
and ask Him first, before you decide own your own, or
listen to people who are not lead by Christ. HE LOVES YOU!
"For GOD is not a respecter of persons" HE loves ALL of
His creation, and HE does NOT enjoy having to put HIS
wrath upon His children! But know ye this, if you cast
His way and His words behind you and go your own way,
remember, whatsoever happens to you, it is HE, letting it
happen to get your attention! Turn from sin, and truly

For HE whom Christ has made free is free indeed! There is
no comparison to having the kind of freedom to serve HIM
than that Christ Jesus gives those who love Him and serve
Him first! There is NO BONDAGE in serving Christ, only the
world thinks, HE has a list of do's and dont's because
they do not know His way, IS the true path to freedom!
In Christ ManofGod

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