Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                                    Come As A Child

Jesus set as an example a small child before his disciples
saying "lest a man humble himself as this small child, he
cannot see the kingdom of heaven".

How many spirit lead children of God today behold the face
of the Father?

How many pray in accordance to His will, expecting to
receive good things from the Father?

ALL, whom are in the kingdom of God, do so! The kingdom of
GOD, is on earth (as it is in heaven) says the word!

Yes there is a higher heaven where Christ sits on the right
hand of the Father, but according to the words definition
of heaven, all of the airspace which is above ground
where the eagles fly, IS heaven!

As the subject matter is " as a child" let us consider
what our Father in heaven expects from His children.

HE expects us to be taught by His spirit, all things!
HE expects us, as His children to be obedient to Him.
Since HE KNOWS the beginning and the end of all matters,
HE expects us to NOT, "lean unto our own understanding"
but to simply ask Him first, BEFORE we decide anything!

(in thought) selah (pause and consider) this IS the "pray
without ceasing" that will let Him teach us and lead us
into His righteousness.

Does not a small child ask his Father first? Obedient ones
do! He is SOVERIGN in all matters, and will therefore
always know what is better for us to do in any matter!

He will bless us and honor us for doing so, for we honor
HIM by so doing! " I honor those whom honor Me".

He very much wants to show us how to honor and obey Him
in so that HE can bless us and give us abundance!

It is NOT HIS will for us to go through pain and anguish
and suffering, UNLESS we disobey, and go our own way!

Not asking GOD first, and deciding own our own what to do
in every matter, is as sending GOD the message: I KNOW

way to receive the rod of His correction and punishment!

Are men a glutton for punishment? As many whom do this
are, says the LORD of Hosts!
He wants to have a relationship with you, that is active!

Loving and fruit producing in goodness! How can HE show
us what will be a blessing unto us in matters unless we

He can show us through trials and tribulations.
He will show us with the rod of His wrath and correction!
HE takes no pleasure in having to correct us for wrongdoing

but rest ye assured HE will do so! He takes no pleasure in
watching Satan kill our children, give us cancer, steal
our money, burn our houses down, and cause our wives to

be unfaithful!!! But as long AS WE "give the Devil a
place" by going own our own way in all of our doings (evil)
HE has no choice but to keep His word! As long as WE

continue to do evil, HE will continue to let Satan do evil
unto us....this is HIS LAW, it is His recompence! (payback)

Know ye not that HE knows every thought that you think?
Know ye not that HE knows what you are going to do do even
before you do it? How can He bless you in every way when
you continue to go your own way against Him?

When you do something for someone else that is good, Does
HE not see it from His throne, and bless you for it? For
when you do something good for someone, you DO IT FOR HIM!

On the opposite side, when you do something bad or hateful
to one of His children (all people) YOU DO IT TO HIM!

Did not the men of old say when they had repented from sin
or something they had done to someone say: " I have

sinned against God, and against the person"? Yes, because
they KNEW, that when they done something against someone
that they had also done it unto GOD!

GOD does not change, these same laws of recompence are
still under effect! Yes I know that we are not under the

LAW, for Christ nailed them to the cross with himself and
brought grace...and we thereby live under grace.

But when we forsake grace, then we are judged under the
law! When we forsake grace and the cross of Christ, we
put ourselves UNDER LAW!

Christ said: " I shall never leave you or forsake you"
but this does not mean that when we forsake HIM, and HIS
grace, that HE shall not see it from heaven, and punish us

for our own GOOD! So that we may learn from it, and turn
from it and back to HIM!

fails to bring about HIS divine justice!

It may seem like the wicked prosper, but the truth is THEY
HAVE NO REST! Are they not miserable? Sure they put up a

good looking facade unto the world, but inside they are
deeply disturbed and they know not why!

Does not the psalms ask "Why does the heathen rage"?
They rage because the LORD is consuming them from the
inside with His HOLY FIRE of recompence!

These are the "elements of the earth, that shall be burned
with fervent heat"!

My Children: Be ye NOT destroyed for a lack of knowledge!
The LORD is good enough to show you these things so that
you may be saved from the fire of His wrath!

It is His good pleasure to show you these things, not just
so that HE may bless your every endeavor, but to spare you
His wrath! Look at the children of disobedience!

Are they not consumed from within, by calamity and
destruction, perversion, oppression, hatred, envy, malace
and derision?

Is this not the LORDS doing? If this does not PROVE, that
the LORD keeps His EVERY WORD, then NOTHING DOES!!!!

All it takes to be delivered from all of these things is
to turn from the ways of the world (wrongdoing, evil) and
come unto the glorious light of the gospel of Christ, and

HE will forgive you and receive you unto Himself, and
bless you and love you in every way, even in ways that you
cannot even imagine or think!

Yes GOD does love everybody! No man is exempt from His
love, but HE says in His word, "as many as I love, I

chastize (correct) and the way HE corrects is with HIS
ROD!!! "Spare the rod, and spoil the child" (proverbs)

Have we not had enough of HIS ROD? Are we not ready for
his loving kindness and blessing? It is ENOUGH! Let us
come as a child, so we may receive, even as Christ

"Even as I received, so shall ye also receive" (Christ)
Choose life over death, and blessing over cursings!
I speak this in HIS love, for it is not His will, that any
man should perish.

ManofGod  (Stephen Monday)

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