Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                               The LORD wants YOU to Prophesy!

How can I make such a blanket statement about people who
I have yet to meet in person? It is very simple, the LORD
changes NOT. For it is written: HE is the same yesterday,
tomorrow, and forever!

Also the word says "seek ye the best gifts" and also, I
would that ye all prophesi sayest the LORD.

Is it not written? Be ye all as one, of one accord? Did
not Christ Jesus say, speaking of John the baptist: "Born
of women there is no greater prophet save John the baptist"

And in the same lesson HE taught "nevertheless, I tell you,
that One GREATER than John, now is"

Was HE not speaking of HIS FATHER? Sure, Jesus Christ IS
the greatest prophet, that ever will be, but the words that
HE spoke were NOT HIS own, but HIS FATHERS!

Did HE not say, "My doctrine is not mine own, but My
Fathers". Did HE not say, " I say nothing, lest I hear My

Father say it, and I do nothing, lest I see My Father do
it"? Has HE not also said, My Father is greater than I.

Did HE not also say "My Father and I are as one", meaning
that HE was in fact equal to His Father in power?

Is in not written in His Fathers word, " a servant shall
be equal to His master". Was Christ not a servant of His

Father? Is Christs spirit, even today, a servant (the
greatest servant) to do His Fathers will?

It is written: " All judgment hath been comitted unto the
Son". (Christ Jesus). Those who have the Son, also have
the Father!

All whom serve HIM, in spirit and in truth, so do, By HIS
spirit. His Fathers word, THEY ARE SPIRIT sayest LORD

Jesus! Christ..." the words I speak to you, they are spirit
and they are life eternal".

When you serve the Father, by HIS spirit, and in truth,
does not the judge (Christ) hear your words as coming

from Himself? By faith, HE gives you the words that honor
the Father, is it not HE and HE alone, that brings them to

" I have set a watch, over My words, to see that they are
performed" sayest the word. Is not the watchman Christ?

Is it not HE, whom hears the words, and weighs the hearts
to see if they are true to HIS OWN WITNESS? Of course!

" He whom heareth GODS words, hath the witness in himself"
Your spirit, bears witness to His spirit! This is HOW YOU

KNOW, that it is the LORD speaking to you! Everything HE
says to you, through the Holy spirit, lines up exactly
with His Fathers words (scripture) and not just in part!

His words line up exactly with ALL of the scriptures!
" Scriptures cannot be broken". To KNOW that it is Christ
Jesus, by His spirit, speaking to you, you have to KNOW

HIM, and His Fathers word. They will never change, sure HE
can speak to you in ANY language, and in any tongue, but
the meanings of what HE says, will ALWAYS be the same

meanings. For HE is faithful to His Fathers word, and will
not change their meanings, not a tittle or jot (dot of the
i, or the cross of the t).

"If you want to know ME, than know My word". He can listen
to ANY mans words and instantly know which spirit is

speaking to Him! He cannot be fooled or lied to! Sure, a
person may lie to themselves, but not unto our Holy LORD.

In everyday life, if HE has opened your eyes and ears, (to
hear that which HE is speaking) and to see that which HE

is doing, through the eyes and ears of the word of GOD,
then YOU, can do the same!

All spirits are commanded by Christ Jesus! No matter whom
says what, it is HE and HE alone who gives utterance!

Even to those who have forsaken Him, and His word! Even
those who speak darkness and lies! How can this be?

The word says more than once " a man cannot do nothing on
HIS OWN" without Christ Jesus giving you life and breath
we could not even speak! Sure there are those who know

not the LORD, but this does not mean that HE does not know
THEM! He is doing a work in progress in each and every one
of us! Whether we know and realize it or not! It is so,

for otherwise this would make Christ a respecter of
persons! " For GOD is not a respecter of persons".

He loves each and every one of us enough that "while we
were yet sinners, Christ died for us"! If you meet some
person who is lost does it mean that Christ has forsaken

them? Of course not! It IS the lost, whom HE goes after!
"For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners
to repentance" sayest the LORD. He is the same today!

If you are doing His will, then YOU are already doing the
same! If they will not hear you, or accept you, then you
pray that they be reconciled unto the Father, "for it is

NOT, the Fathers will, that any man should perish" THIS
HAS NOT CHANGED! HE changes not! This is why HE said "
"condemn not, lest YOU be condemned".

It is not our job to condemn or to accuse others for the
Devil is doing that job! EVERYTIME, someone does something
that would offend you, your faith is being TESTED, by the

LIVING GOD! Are you going to do the Fathers will, and
forgive them, and pray that they be reconciled unto the
Father? Just as soon as we STOP OFFENDING, others, by

condemning and accusing others, we THEN START SOWING GODS
holy love, and in so doing, we shall reap, and receive
GODS LOVE! " For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he

also reap". This is why it is written: Bless ye and curse
not! When you are a blessing to others, GOD sees this, and
will greatly bless you!

Take no offence from any man, but give it and them to the
Father (by laying the offence at the foot of the cross)
this way you are doing the Fathers will, for the word says

" He died for all of our offences".

When we let someone OFFEND us, WE GIVE, the Devil a place
to work! For wicked spirits MOVE THROUGH OFFENCES! When

we receive the offence, WE BECOME OFFENDERS TO GOD!
Because it WOUNDS OUR SPIRIT, and a wounded spirit has

a bitter and hateful perception of everything! And being
as such, it can ONLY, wound and offend others! It offends

GODS words and other people, because they in return become
OFFENDED. Come out of the darkness and into HIS LIGHT!

To do this, HE will honor everything you do, by blessing
it. GODS people can always find a reason to bless GOD for
it IS Christ Jesus, who enables YOU to resist the Devil!

Are you TIRED of being CONTROLED by Satan? Then take heed
to His words, do this, and you will have peace, joy

unspeakable, and blessing! Sure we all stumble, now and
then, but it can be traced back every time to an offence!

An offence to Gods word (disobedience) or an offence to
our brother! But take JOY, in knowing that all it takes is

for us to ask forgiveness, turn from the sin, and let
Jesus get us back up!

Put GOD first in all things considered and HE will honor
you for doing this, then HE will give you HIS words to
speak, that will deliver you from the Devil everytime!

Then before, you decide own your own, what to think about
everything, ASK HIM, for when you speak His words, YOU

become HIS PROPHET, for these word will come to pass
each and everytime, for HE is faithfull to bring them to

If someone accuses you falsely, or the enemy (Devil) gets
in your way, DO NOT ACCUSE HIM! This is WHAT THE DEVIL
WANTS YOU TO DO! Do what the word SAYS DO, " agree with

thy adversary, quickly, while ye are in the way with him"
This way, you will have favor with GOD and man, and you

will be the peace maker that HE wants you to be, and HE
will reward you greatly...IN THIS LIFETIME!!!!

Test me on this, sayest LORD Jesus, and I will make you
the head and not the tail, you will be blessed going in
and coming out! People will be in amazement over what
the LORD is doing with YOU!!!
In Christ, ManofGod

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