Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                         Treasure of GODS THRONEROOM!

The pearl of great price IS the wisdom and knowledge of
What our LORD Christ Jesus: SEES through the EYES and ears

of the Word od GOD! For it is all counted VICTORY AND JOY
at the throne room and counsel of HE!

For HE being the First and the Last (Alpha and Omega) TELLS
Whatsoever that thing may be it is ALWAYS spiritual and
always "As it is written, So shall it be done: sayest
LORD GOD of Hosts!

For HIS PROPHET TO SEE IT, it HAS to be as it is written
for they already know that God keeps HIS Word, and will
not change a title or jot of meaning.

Everything they "see" is only what the Lord is DOING in
perfect accordance to the will and Word of His Father for

HIS Glory, praise God! For it is written: How deaf are My
Prophets? and " How blind are My Prophets?

His meanings are Clear: The Prophets of God are ANYONE
who through "eyes that see" and ears that hear, can ONLY
see and hear that which HE IS DOING!

To do so is to simply submit to HIM, and His will in
prayer everyday, and HE will SHOW HIMSELF unto YOU
by showing you how through HIM to forgive and have Mercy.

To Live in His presence is to STAND BEFORE the very
"witness of Christ" IN His Throneroom of Grace and peace!

Which is why HE said "study to show thyself approved of
God" for "To Know ME is TO KNOW My Word" for to live with
Christ Jesus living IN your heart will CHANGE YOUR

perspective about everything! "For I make ALL things new"
sayest Christ: I AM the resurrection.

To He whom comest to me I will restore and make whole upon
the inside; in body, in spirit and mind will I give the
Light of My heavenly Fathers word.

For of a Truth sayest the Lamb: "I commanded your Fathers
seed to make YOU, ye were knit together in Ye mothers

womb, By Mine hand. I made and created YOU just as you are
so that Ye may know and live IN ME, and My Fathers truth.

As the "author and finisher" of your faith, I have seen,
that "which is written" concerning You; The plans I have
for you, plans for Good and not evil.

"That Ye ALL may come into an expected END" the "expected
end" is that you may abide in HIM as Ye abide in His Word
to receive the abundant life, IN this lifetime and the

By putting every blame, offence, and all sin, at the foot
of the cross, for that IS WHERE GOD sees it! As forgiven
by His mercy, you then "see" the clear picture. The picture

of Christ, sitting on His great Throne dealing out Mercy
grace, kindness goodness: Their mind stays on the things
of God in His word and ongoing work, for HE IS our joy!

It is HE and HE only who shows us the difference between
"right and wrong" in all things, for eyes that belong to
Him, see only His things, and what HE is doing with them!

"For it is written" "all things made were made by Him:
there was no thing made, that was not made by Him.

To all whom ask in faith, it shall be given. If you not
only want to know what is going right now with you and
Christ Jesus: simply before you ACT or decide ANYTHING

put HIM first in all things, and HE will honor you FOR
HONORING HIM! And give you the righteous answer!

When it is spoken in His faith (that HE gives) it is
guaranteed by the blood of Christ, that it WILL come to
pass! Praise God for revealing Himself and showing us

plainly of The Fathers ways and works and words, day by
day and every moment of everyday, HE proves that His
Fathers words are TRUE and KEPT HOLY by Him! Amen.

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