Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                     "The Planting Of The LORD"

Men and brethren, we have great assurance that we can
know that what the LORD has said in HIS word, HE is
bringing it to pass!

We are living in the days of which a great harvest of souls
are coming unto the LORD, from every nation and people and
tounge. The LORD is planting HIS incorruptable seed and it
is bringing in a full harvest!

Not only are many being saved, but they are also being
delivered from sin and corruption, disease and tribulation!

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit" sayest the
LORD of Hosts. Freinds, it is happening just exactly the
way the Word of God says it will! Amen, unto HIS Glory!

When as many seek first the kingdom of GOD and HIS
righteousness, HE is right there to give it to them!

Churches are abandoning "traditions" and turning to the
LORD of the most High GOD, to lead, teach and reign in
their services!

Prophets and Apostles are decreeing, in spirit and in
truth, that which the Living God, Christ Jesus is saying,
and at the same time, HE and the Father are bringing it to
pass! Praise GOD!

Hath HE not said "wisdom and knowledge would increase"?
Christ Jesus (the greatest Prophet) is speaking to the
called of GOD, and they are doing and saying just exactly
as HE says! Glory be to GOD!

The restoration hath already begun! People of all sorts
are hungry for the truth and righteousness of GOD. They
have groaned in their spirit long enough from the evil

that men have brought upon themselves, and are doing
something about it, by turning to the Living God! They
are entering into HIS rest, by trusting God and HIS Word,

By praying according to HIS will they cease from their own
labours, they cast down EVERY VAIN IMAGINATION, to keep
the beast that was and is not from getting ANY foothold.

Satan is a DEFEATED FOE, for all of whom lay down their own
works, to be led and taught ONLY by the spirit of the

living GOD! Just as Jesus spoke concerning Satan saying:
"the prince of this world cometh, and has NOTHING IN ME"

So, ALL, whom follow the lamb whethersoever HE goeth can

For it is written " I honor those whom honor me"! Put
LORD Jesus first in all things, and the Devil cannot touch
you. The word of GOD, is HIS judgment, and all whom ask
and put sin underneath their feet, TAKETH PART IN THE FIRST

For it is written" Blessed and Holy is he, that taketh part
in the first resurrection".

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