Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                    " Lord of Hosts"    

Oh LORD of Hosts, Creator of all
Thou mightiest arm, strechest out to the stars
Thy holiest gaze, seeth the good and the bad
I stand in much awe, from the work of Thy hands

Thy mercies exceed beyond all of measures
Thy righteousness is worth more than earths treasures
Thy works did form me, even inside the womb
Thy love doth encompass forever souls who

Believe in the Father, believe in the Son
Thy crown will adorn us, one day when Thou comes
Keep us from evil, and keep our hearts pure
We shall steep in Thine grace, so we can endure

Abide in our spirits, as we abide in Thee
Reside in our countenance, guide us to Ye

Sustain us from perils, whilst we are on earth
Retain us unto the new kingdom that's Yours


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