Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


There were two ministers whom were called of the Lord of
heaven, who had never met. Both had recently went through
their seventh stumble, but the LORD had delivered them
and taught them a most valuable lesson.

You see they had both learned that EACH time they stumbled
it was because they had wrongfully believed a word from
men instead of God.

They now understood that no matter what the LORD tells them: THEY
could trust it, no matter what their eyes saw, or what their ears heard.

They both also understood what was written in Proverbs;

"A just man shall fall seven times, but he shall get back up."

So they knew that as long as they followed every word God spoke to them, that He

would keep their foot from stumbling.

One was told by the LORD God "go ye to the nearest port city,"                                                                                                    and that when he got there, the Lord would provide the place where
He would preach, and everything else he needed.

So, he told his wife what the Lord had told him to do, and
she said "Blessed be the LORD God of heaven, for of a
truth, HE will direct your every step."

As this preacher drove to the port city, He did as he
always had done, and stayed focused on what the Lord said
to him. During his drive the thought came to him that

the LORD would provide him with a new vehicle for his
was now a few years old and had quite a few miles on it.

The LORD confirmed this to him by saying to him, "Do as I
tell you to do in all things, and I will give you every desire of your heart." (scripture)

He had a ways to go, as it was a few hundred miles away.
He had left around 10:00 o’clock and it was now around
1:00 AM.

Both of these ministers had been taught by the LORD that
the MOST important thing they could do was to trust GOD
and his Holy word, and they both understood that GOD not
only sees all things, but had complete control of all
things at all times.

They both knew that NOTHING moves or changes without the
LORD moving it or changing it.
Meanwhile, at the same moment, the other minister who                                                                                                          lived in the port city was awakened by the LORD at 1:00AM.
You see he had prayed to the LORD before going to bed and
asked him for some help! He knew that in the morning he
was going to stand before a crowd of ten thousand,

and he had never preached to a crowd of that size before, and he
knew what Gods word says " Where one can put a thousand to
flight, two can put ten thousand to flight."

As he was getting out of bed, the word of the Lord came to him saying:
"Go to this port city, and take with thee an extra suit."

This you will give to the man whom I send. Get thee to the dock
where the ships offload,
even to the edge of the deep." So, he got
the suit, and told his wife what the Lord had said to him, to which
she replied, g
o to the dock at this hour? Blessed be the name of the Lord,
for surely He will do as he has told thee! Back to the first minister

who was driving to the same city,
as he looked down the road he
could hardly believe his eyes, for across the Roadway was a huge
sign that was lit, and the roadway was blocked.

BRIDGE OUT. From which way he came, he knew that this was
the only access to the port city the LORD had told him to go to!

So, he thought to himself: The LORD would have not sent me
here at this time,
only to have to turn back now, so he got out
of his car and moved the sign, drove just past it, and put it back.                                                                                                 

He enquired of the LORD about what the sign said: BRIDGE OUT.

The LORD said to him, "prove all things."
So, he hopped back into his car and continued on his way.

In the dark of the night, he had just gotten back up to highway
speed when to his surprise the road disappeared. He hit his
brakes, but was going too fast to stop. He felt his car falling
and falling, it did a somersault
and landed right side up with
a huge splash.
The air bag deployed and gave him a jolt, but
he was not hurt.
As he started sinking, and the car started to
fill with water, he thought, I shall just climb out and swim.
In his great faith, he thanked the LORD for delivering him
from harm.
He reached for the door handle, and the LORD told
him to "be still, for I am God."

He could feel the car sinking deeper and deeper, and the water
was now up to his waist.
He had no fear. He had no doubt, for
he had already spoken his faith to the LORD. As his car came
to a halt, he thought surely I have reached the bottom.

It was then that he noticed the sensation of being lifted, because
you see the LORD had never taken his eyes off of his

servant, and had in place at that very moment a great whale.
The whale simply took his huge head and swam beneath the car

and balanced it upon his massive head, and began to surface.
When his head broke the surface, the minister knew somehow
that the LORD
had saved him. So he gave again thanks and praise.
It was then, he noticed that he was getting closer to the shore,

for the lights of the dock were getting nearer. As the whale drew
next to the dock,
he submerged about twenty feet, then with a quick
burst of speed he broke the surface and nosed the car right off of him,

right upon the dock! Upon seeing this, the other minister jumped out of his car
and went
to the driver asking him, are you the LORDS witness?
To which came the reply praise God yes! For the LORD had told
me that I would meet you in the port city!

To which the other minister replied, here is a suit the LORD had
me to bring you,
and now I know why! While driving to his home
to spend the night,
minister number two had told him all the things

which were going on in his life. You know said he, The LORD has
blessed me over the years with a two
hundred and fifty (K) dollar
mansion, but during some stumbling,

I made some bad decisions, took out a mortgage and now
it is in foreclosure
and this very day before the sun goes down
the bank manager is
supposed to come and repo it, but trusting
the LORD as HE has told me to do, and
I have not worried about it in
the least, for the LORD, has said to me,
"I will deliver you, ye shall
not lose your home. Just continue doing what I tell you, when I
 tell you to do it."

And it was so, that they agreed that this was all the LORDS doing.
They knew the LORD had put them together, so that they could
the ten thousand which they would stand before the next

morning! So the next morning the two witnesses stood before the
crowd and told them
about the incredible events that had brought
them together, and how the
LORD had a hand in everything that had
taken place. When they heard their story,
the LORD moved upon
them all and delivered them all to the glory of God!
When the collection offering had been made, it did not look like very
money had been raised, considering the huge number of
people who had come.
Then they noticed that a set of keys had been
placed into the plate.

Stepping up to the microphone one of them said who’s set of keys
are these in the plate.
A doctor who the LORD had placed there
spoke up saying, I just had bought
a new forty thousand dollar
car yesterday, and the LORD told me
that you had need of a new
automobile, so they are yours!
As they were counting the offering
the last check was laying face down
in the plate, when one of them
got it out and turned it over and
was amazed to see that it was
written out to the sum of a
half of a million dollars!

Praise God said the man who was facing
the foreclosure on his
house, I knew to trust the LORD, for this
is exactly what I needed
today to get my house paid off! The moral of this story is: for those
who work for the LORD,

all things are possible, who act only upon faith, and do that which the
LORD GOD tells them to do. For they do not judge by appearance.
They do only that what the LORD tells them to do, when He tells them to do it.!

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