Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                THE SPIRIT OF JESUS

The spirit of Christ Jesus, IS the spirit of truth and

HE IS THE LIVING WORD OF GOD, and His tabernacle abides
WITHIN ALL , whom have confessed the Holy name of Christ.

However some are so busy chasing the dollar to pay for
tuitions and the mortgage of the two-car garage, they know
WHO CHRIST IS, but they have yet to know HOW HE IS!

He IS, the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow. He is the
word of God, who controls every Holy vessel who will submit
to His will. For HE and always He, knows that which is
right and loving to do: which brings glory to His Father.

I have glorified My name, and I shall glorify it again.
sayeth the Lord.

Do you know that right this very moment, Christ Jesus is
showing Himself, and His Fathers will and way, through
EVERY ONE of His sanctified, Holy angels, They are day,
by day, hour by hour, undoing every evil work, by turning
it unto good?

This Kingdom of God that He reigns in right now is on
EARTH, and HE giveth it to whomsoever HE will to rule
IN HIS JUDGMENT, the word of God! We are doing GREAT
EXPLOITS in His Holy name by His holy spirit.

We are in the generation that "rule and reign, with Christ"
HE has showed us the way for us through Him to bring in
a full harvest. By uniting every Church in the same faith
as one.

And "they we all of one accord"
Understand brethren, that instead of striving and bickering
on the issues of the word that you may not have the same
understanding on, to just pray for each other, and let
Christ do the teaching!
For by doing so, you do the Fathers will, and add more
souls to AWAKEN TO THE ABUNDANT LIFE, that Christ spoke of
by sowing the spirit of truth, so that the spirit that
you receive will have to come the Father above!
For Jesus always sees that His Father word is KEPT.

"Even as I received of My Father, so shall you receive:
for the Father chastises every one of His sons"

We are all the children of God, each and every one of us
were assigned a divine MISSION FOR CHRIST. To expand our
ministry, we first have to subject ourselves to the Fathers
will (His word) as well as the holy spirit of Christ Jesus.

When we do so, the word says "we become as the very angels
of heaven".

So what we do, in the sight of the living God is to ask
Him first, about the meanings of all things, and because
we honor Him, by putting the Son first, HE HONORS YOU!

For every answer and conclusion when you so do as it is
written, comes from the above throne of the living God.
And it will always mean what the Holy scriptures have said
for over a thousand years, and the meanings change not,
nor do the vessels of the Lord whom are holy, for HE
himself directs their very steps.

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