Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                             WORD COMES ON THE WINGS

Christ Jesus is Lord and God of the universe. Since
His word is Holy and IS the doctrine of His Father. We can
always TRUST, HIM and His doctrine to do THE SAME WORKS

Jesus bared record of HIS FATHERS words and works, and
since HE has given us of HIS SPIRIT, by HIS spirit we are
all called to do the very same works!

When we are confessed and prayed up, being a faithful
witness to all things seen as done by him, We then can
receive ALL THINGS by faith (The eyes of the word).

There is no other perception that is true WITHOUT
understanding that Jesus Christs spirit lives inside our
temple, and shows us how to pray, what to do, and how to

His bait is HIS LOVE, which conquers all for with His
divine mercy, HE restores and lifts up, what the enemy
has stolen away from our brothers. For us to receive

HIS divine love and HIS divine teaching, we should be
walking TOWARDS Him, and looking UP in faith SEEKING HIS
FACE. When we humble ourselves, and do this, HE honors us
and will answer any question asked in the faith of a child.

The faith of a small child..EXPECTS
the faith of a childs..LOVES THE FATHER
the faith of a child...believes IN THE FATHER
the faith of a child..completely TRUSTS IN THE FATHER
the faith of a child...delights IN OBEYING THE FATHER
the faith of a child...is TAUGHT BY THE FATHER
the faith of a child...KNOWS THAT FATHER KNOWS BEST
the faith of a child..IS SUBMISSIVE TO THE FATHER
the faith of a child...rocognizes THE WILL OF THE FATHER

When we as being IN THE SIGHT of the Living God and Lord
Jesus Christ, His Holiness humbles us into receiving all
things through Him, for we know that HE WILL SHOW US, how
HE can take ANY "Bad situation" and totally turn it
around for the GOOD. For it is written "for what Satan
intended for evil, God has turned into good!"

With Him Christ Jesus, whom hears and sees all, it is HE
whom destroyeth the every works of Satan. He sends angels
or messengers whom carry HOLY WORDS, that contain power
and healing virtue in THEIR WINGS.

All whom are born again spirit filled doers of the word
know that HE has made us all now, "as ministering spirits"
we in prayer, summon HIS WORDS, by asking Him first, all
things. We know that HE see all things in the spiritual
and will answer AS IT IS WRITTEN. This is how we KNOW
THAT IT IS HIM, for HE stays true to what is written in

For if we as much as look at the natural, all we can see
are the lies of the Devil. The accuser of our brethren.
Since we understand that the supernatural precedes the
natural, we let Him crucify the flesh nature, take the
head off of that old serpent, by running HIS SWORD through
us before WE OPEN OUR MOUTH!

This is letting Him show us HOW TO, walk by faith and not
by sight. It is a moment by moment, minute by minute
thing to stay holy and blameless in His sight, we could
not do this WITHOUT FIRST SUBMITTING, to His will and

His spirit! Praise God for it and Him, and the word! For
as the sons of men, we see angels descending down from
heaven to deliver to us HOLY words, and as we give thanks
and praise and glory to Him who sitteth on the throne we
can watch those words ASCENDING UP on angel wings back
to Him! Glory to God!

We are living in the appointed time when judgment is NOW
and we are held accountable for everything we say and
everything we do before the living God!

The Day of the Lord is everyday in someones life!
Are you a worker of His that will break every bondage
and free every man who is a slave to sin?

When you know and understand that it is God alone who
supplies us all things, and HE meets everyone needs at
one time, you then realize that HE does this through
the people that are His, He uses their prayers and His
power. Everytime one of His, sees or hears of a need
they automatically thank Jesus for meeting that need
on the cross, and pray as HE INSTRUCTS.

We have no battles of our own, for we are supposed to
give our burdens to Him, for every battle IS WON in the
spiritual BEFORE it is won in the natural.

Let your next words arrive to you on the back of His
angel. You will give praise and thanks for all things
when you do so. For whatsoever cometh, let it come to you
in His name, and whatsoever Satan intended for EVIL, HE
TO GOOD. For this is what God has sent His spirit to DO.

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