Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                TEST YOUR SPIRIT-QUESTIONAIRE

As ye well know, the scriptures command us to "test the
spirits, to see whether they be from God".

We also know that God is the one who gives all who serve
Him, discernment. This is the ability (through the Holy

Spirit) to instantly know in our spirit the difference
between right and wrong. (Through the "eyes of the Word
and His spirit), that which is GOOD, from that which is

For us to KNOW that we are being lead and guided by the
Holy Spirit, we first have to ASK THE LORD THE ANSWERS
TO ALL QUESTIONS! This way we are taught by Him, to NOT
lean into our own understanding, but to ask Him first the
answers, and He will give us the answers, which are the
same answers that are written in Gods Holy Word.

For as His Word changes not, neither does His will, and
neither does His ways in His righteous judgments!

The word sayest "study, to show thyself approved of God
so that we may be ready to answer those whom ask us why
we believe, what we believe". We can show them that we
believe Gods word, by being faithful to answer in
accordance with His ways. (His Fathers word)

For Jesus said " I judge no man, for the word shall judge
him, in the last days".

And also, it is written: "To know Me, knowest My Word".

This is a series of questions, the LORD has given me,
so that we may, (through Him) keep each others swords
(words) sharp. " Iron sharpeneth Iron".

The Lord EXPECTS, you to use His judgments, by His spirit
and His word, to prayerfully ask HIM FIRST, BEFORE, you
give the answers. For it is written: "judge righteous

Notice to Scholars: the righteous answers will NOT, come
to you from theology classes, for these questions are
not about the whose in the Bible, or the where that things

took place. Every one of these questions were given by
the Holy Spirit of God, and deal with examples of what
would Jesus Do in the given circumstances.

Before you take this test, please, ask the living God, for
forgiveness of sins past, so that He will hear the question
for you (because when He forgives you, AND you honor Him

first, by asking Him first, before you decide the answers,
He will honor you, and forgive you, by asking Him first.

Know and understand that there is no time limit, on how
long you make take on this test. Nor is it forbidden to

open your bible and see for yourself, nor is it cheating
to use computer search, or word study aids, as helps.

But know this first, humble yourself first, and ask the
LORD, to lead and guide you to the correct answers!

You may use any tool to do so, but let the spirit give
you the correct answer, through His word, and other helps.

There are a total of 25 questions, and each one of them
deal with righteous judgment, as it is written in His Word.

Ask the Father and the Son to lead your reasoning into
His truths, so that you may through Him, get them all

Each question is worth a total of four points on the grade
scale. Each question, HAS, the right answer given in

multiple choice answers in which only ONE answer will
be correct. Choose your answers prayerfully. (in thought)

To be graded by the Holy Spirit of truth, without the
world seeing what you believe, HE would have me email you

HIS ANSWERS, and your total score. This will be done in
the strictest of confidence, and no others will see your
score, or your answers, but you and the Holy Spirit!

This test is NOT, so that we may boast, but for you to
determine that the spirit that is leading and guiding you

Is Christ Jesus (the Holy Spirit of Truth) is the one and
ONLY, God, of heaven, whom is teaching you all things.

Only at your request will I, after this contest of
testing your understanding is completed, POST IT ON THIS
SITE, FOR THE GLORY OF GOD, to prove to the nay-sayers

that is God and God alone, who teaches man all things.
Who shall lead us to all of the same mind, of the same
understanding of His Holy Word. For God will NOT, teach

a man one way, and teach another man another way!
For Christ said: " I am the way, the truth and the life"
and no man can come to the Father except through Me.

When you are finished with the test, or to begin the test,
first open an email window, copy and paste the entire test

into the screen, or just number the answers 1-25 and
beside each number, answer either A, B, or C or D.

Then email me at stepmonday@aol.com
Or snail mail me your answers on a blank piece of paper at:

Stephen Monday
113 Colette Drive
Monroe, La 71202

As I will diligently check and grade each and every
response, I ask you to include with your test a love
offering of $2.00 U.S. dollars. If you have it not, then

do not worry about it, for I will answer you anyway for
no charge. For I do this to further the ministry of His
truth, and not for personal gain, so that we ALL may come

to the same understanding of His Love, mercy and truth!


P.S. tell your friends about this, as I am sure the LORD
would have them take the same test, so they may know that
they are being led by the righteous judgments of His

Holy word! For by doing this, they can CLOSE THE DOOR TO

He who puts on "the mind of Christ" sees all things through
the eyes of His Fathers Word, for these two must come

together before "righteous judgment" will be given.
The (word and spirit) have come together in all of those
who are led and taught by the Holy Spirit.


1. What attribute defines or marks the evidence that a work
of the God of Heaven has been performed?

(A) a miracle (B) His Love (C) supernatural event
(D) All of the above

(2). When seeking the Kingdom of God, through signs and
wonders, How may one know for sure that the Holy Spirit is
directing their steps?

(A) the next step ordered by Him is Holy, and true to the
meanings written in His Fathers word.

(B) It seems like a good thing to do.

(C) Every step taken is followed by confirmation, through
signs and wonders, and learning (wisdom of word) is

(D) People tell you that it is the right thing to do.

(3). Do you think it is possible for God to tell a man
to do something, yet just before the man carries it out
God stops him, and tells him not to do it?

(A) Yes (B) No (C) unlikely but possible (D) Never

(4). If someone tries to offend you, by something they do
to you, (in word or deed) what would the LORD have you to

(A) offend them back) (B) receive not the offence, but
pray for the LORD to deliver them from oppression.
(C) Nothing (D) Flee from them

(5). When dealing with someone who is angry and upset,
which is the best approach to diffuse and abate their
 (A) answer them softly, in Gods love
(B) Tell them that God is not happy with them.
(C) Say nothing, do nothing, and move away from them.
(D) Ask them if they are crazy.

(6) While stopping by a neighbors house to visit, you
notice that they are not home. (their car is gone, and
no-one answered the door) However as you turn to leave, you
hear sounds on the inside, but you cannot tell what they
are. What would the LORD have you to do?

(A) Pray, and thank God that all is well.
(B) Call the police.
(C) Nothing
(D) knock even louder, and demand that who is there
to answer.

(7). You are called upon by the congregation to preach,
and right in the middle of the sermon, a man jumps up and
begins to blaspheme Gods Holy name, and approaches you
in a threatening manner. What would God have you do?

(A) speak to the spirit, command that he be silent, and
rebuke the spirit to come out of the man.
(B) Stop preaching, and rebuke the man.
(C) Say nothing, do nothing
(D) Stop the service, and send everyone home.

(8). While you are in the bank to cash a check, suddenly
four men wearing masks burst in, demanding that all hit
the floor. They are heavily armed and anxious.

(A) Hit the floor and pray silently that no harm comes to
anyone there.
(B) Pull out your camera phone and try to get pictures
of the intruders.
(C) Hit the floor, and pray that you do not get shot.
(D) Take off running

(9). While you are on the way to go to where God has sent
you, to do what He has told you to do, someone who is very
angry stops you, and demands that you not use the short
cut that takes you through their property.

(A) Comply, and do as they ask you.
(B) Tell them that you are on a mission from God, and they
should not interfere.
(C) Ignore them and keep going
(D) Rebuke them in Jesus name, and keep going

(10). Someone tells you about a person who says that they
admitted to them, that they were the one who burned down a
church building a few weeks ago. The police report you had
seen in the paper, said the police had no witnesses, and
that arson was not suspected. What would the LORD have you
to do?

(A) Call the police, and report the person's name.
(B) Tell the person who told you about it, that the person
who admitted it, was probably making it up.
(C) Tell the person who told you, that they should not
speak evil of their brethren, by repeating gossip, and
pray for them.
(D) Nothing at all, but to change the conversation.

While getting out of your car at the store, you accidentlly
bump the car next to you with your car door, and notice
that not only is it a brand new car, but also that it left
a small dent in their door.

(A) Look around to see if anyone else saw it, and if no
one noticed it, go about your business as if it never
(B) Leave a note under their windshield wiper, admitting
what happened, and offering to pay for the damages. Also
leaving your name and insurance information.
(C) Not even look to see if you caused the car any damage.
(D) Get back into your car, and get away as quickly as

(11). While at the grocery, you notice a small child take
a candy bar, while their parent is not looking.

(A) tell the store manager. (B) Nothing
(C) Kindly and politely, tell the parent
(D) Scold the child, in front of everyone

(12). You see someone you know that is married, come out
of a motel room, with someone other than their spouse.
Upon seeing you, they stammer " It is not what you think".

(A) Call the spouse, and tell them what you saw.
(B) Silently pray for them, but not get involved directly.
(C) Accuse them of cheating, to see what they say.
(D) Act like you do not see them, and ignore what you saw.

(13). You go to the doctor for a check-up and he tells
you that he has bad news: He says that you have terminal
cancer, and you only have six months to live.

(A) Tell him that Gods word says that you are healed, and
you know that even if the cancer was there, God shall put
it into remission, and pray that your healing will deliver
also the Doctor from believing men's word over Gods word.

(B) Go home heartbroken, and start making preparations
to die.
(C). Shut down yourself, and withdraw from everyone else.
(D) Refuse treatment, and tell the Doctor off

(14). Someone emails you who says that they saw on your
website a sermon that said: "Christ died for all sin"
while taking your words out of context, they tell you

You must be the Devil himself, for if Christ died for all
sin, then the world would be sinless! What would you do?
(A). Pray for Him (B) Email him back, accusing him of
taking Gods word out of context
(C). Reply not to him at all, neither pray for him
(D) Write him a nasty letter, saying that he had
blasphemed Gods word.

(15). You catch someone whom you know, stealing money
out of your billfold. What to do?

(A) Forgive them, and pray for them.
(B) Tell them off, and run them off, saying don't come
(C) Beat them up, to teach them a lesson
(D) Tell them that they are going to hell

(16). You hear people gossiping about how someone they
know has cheated on their wife.

(A) Ask them would it not please the LORD, for them to
pray that God would restore their marriage?
(B) Pray for them, but not interfere
(C) Say to them that they are spreading evil, and rebuke
(D) Do nothing

(17). While at the theater watching a film, someone is
being obnoxious and rude by cursing aloud and offending
people and their families. What to do?
(A) Politely ask them to not say curse words loud enough
for the small children to hear, and silently pray for them.
(B) Threaten to tell the management, to have them expelled
(C) Ignore them, and hope they hush
(D) Nothing

(18). Someone misunderstood you about how much gas you
wanted to purchase, and put $5.00 more in your tank than
you asked for. What to do?

(A) Tell them no problem, and pay them the difference
(B) Curse them out, and refuse to pay them for their
(C) Grumble and murmur, but pay them anyway
(D) Tell them that you will not pay for their mistake

(19). You have the store clerk has given you change for a
twenty dollar bill, when you had given them a ten.
(A) Quietly call their attention to it, and give them the
ten dollars back.
(B) Acknowledge their error, but silently keep the money
(C) Speak loudly, showing all their error, so that all
may see how righteous you are!
(D) Take the ten to the manager, telling them what

(20). A neighbor's dog, who should have been leashed, has
bit your small child. It barely broke the skin and no
real damage has been done, except to frighten your kid.
What would the LORD have you to do?
(A) Scream at them, that they should have kept the dog
tied up.
(B) Call the police, and threaten to sue them
(C) Calm your child, but set an example to the child
by forgiving them and asking them to leash their dog.
(D) Shoot the dog

(21) Someone accidentally runs over your pet, killing it. It
had been leashed, but somehow had gotten off.

(A) Forgive them, but check your pet's leash more often.
(B) Tell them that you very much loved your pet, and you
hope that their's get run over also.
(C) Curse them out
(D) Tell them that they should have watched where they
were going

(22) A waiter in a fancy restaurant gets your order wrong
in front of all of your business friends. What to do?
(A) Politely tell them about it, and let them correct it
without making a fuss.
(B) Yell at them "you idiot" make a scene, and demand that
they serve your right order, and that you should not have
to pay.
(C) Just take the wrong order and eat it, saying nothing.
(D) Leave and refuse to pay

(23) You think someone has short changed you on your
purchase, but you are not sure what bill you gave them.

(A) Because you are not sure what you gave them, you take
their word for it.
(B) You assume that you are right, and they are wrong.
(C) You holler and make a scene, and demand a count.
(D) You say nothing, and do nothing.

(24) You are accused of something that you know you did
not do. What to do?

(A) Trust God to deliver you and absolve you, just politely
tell them they are mistaken.
(B) Raise a ruckus and tell them they are lying, to
purposely set you up to look bad.
(C) Nothing
(D) Smack them upside their head

(25) The boss at work says that someone told him that you
left early from work without permission.
(A) Tell him that they must be mistaken
(B) Angrily tell him to fire them for lying on you.
(C) Politely tell him that you did not do so.
(D) Quit your job

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