Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


John 3:16 " For God so loved the world, that HE gave His
only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall
not perish, but have everlasting life".

Notice what God said here: GOD LOVES THE WORLD!

This includes ALL FLESH, ALL MEN!!!

The LORD, hates SIN, but loves the men!!!

The ENEMY, of God IS NOT MEN, but the Devil and his angels!

"For is IS NOT, the will of the Father, that any man
should perish."

When Jesus prayed in the garden "Thy will be done", HE was
not only speaking of His Fathers will to send Him to the
cross, but the ENTIRE WILL/WORD of the Father be done!

For the will of the Father, WAS, the will of the Son!

How many believe that ALL that which Jesus asked the Father

Knowest thou not, that ALL SHALL BE DONE? The Fathers will:
Is His word, and it cannot be changed or UNDONE, by any
man or beast, Devil, or principality!

The word sayest "The Father sent not His Son to condemn
the world, but to save it through Him".

The word also sayest "condemn NOT".

How many preachers stand in the pulpit and condemn those
who are still in sin, to eternal HELL FIRE?

Ask yourself this..would Jesus condemn those who still
have breath in them, to ETERNAL HELL FIRE?

Did He not, to the woman who was caught in the very act of
adultery say, "neither do I condemn ye, thy sins are
forgiven."  "Go and sin no more".

Of course HE would not condemn the ones who still have
breath in them, for His MERCY ENDURETH FOREVER!

He would simply tell them who were caught in sin, repent!
(turn away from sin). But first, He would forgive them,
just like HE did to the woman! He would tell them today,
Go, and sin no more!

The Holy Spirit (the spirit of Christ) DOES THE SAME THING
TODAY, to all whom have sinned! So that through faith and
His forgiveness they could be reconciled to the Father!

God changes not, HIS WORD/WILL changes not.

Even to those who would not hear Him, HE prays for!

Thats IS, the work of the Holy Spirit. To destroy and UNDO
The very works of Satan!

"For that which Satan intended for evil, HE turns to GOOD."

When you, or someone else CONDEMNS someone, They are in truth
condeming themselves, untill the "see" the error
of this, and repent and ask forgiveness!

Even if they do so, only in thought,  it is seen by the
Father as sin and unrighteousness. Because, if they truly
love the Father, then they do His will, which is to
forgive them and pray for them! Not, condemn them!

Therefore if you have ought (anything) against thy brother
or anyone else, and can not find it in your heart to
forgive them, ask the Father to help you to forgive!

Just speak the words of forgiveness to them unto the Father
and HE will lift the burden from your heart, and give you
the ability to actually mean it!

Read on to find out how I gave forgiveness to a man who had - weeks before; shot

and killed my sister and my neice (year 2000)


I did not feel forgiveness in my heart..so I said to the LORD; You would have me say the

words of a lie? Unto You? He told me again..."just say the words, I will

do the work."   I did not understand, at first, until he told me again,

"Just say the words, and I will do the work."

Finally I did what he asked: and HE instantly gave me the ability to mean those words,

 and actually forgive the man who kiled my sister and neice!


(He did so for me...for several weeks in the year 2000 - I held a huge burden

of unforgiveness - for a man had just weeks before: brutally shot,

and killed my neice, her unborn child, and my only sister)!!

This is HOW, you can keep the Devil from GETTING a place
and snatching Gods word from your heart!

Know ye not, that when you ACCUSE someone of doing
something (even if you know they did it) that you are
offending Gods Holy word, by not forgiving them?

You can ask them did they do something, as long as the
reason YOU ARE ASKING, is to "see" if they are going to
admit it to the Father, (for HE sees all, and knows all).

Then if they deny it, FORGIVE THEM, and pray for them
for they are the ones whom are giving the Devil a place,
by not being truthful to you and the Father.

You can do this in thought, without even speaking a word!
To be able to do this, first YOU have to be forgiven of sin
a doer of the word who stands blameless before the Father.

As soon as one asks for forgiveness, and turns away from
sin, they are blameless before the Father!

They then in faith can ask the Father all things (before
they decide anything own their own) and HE will answer
them in their thoughts, that very same instant!

This is what it means to put God first in all things!
Do not lean to your own understanding about anything!
For to do so, separates you from the Father, for it is SIN.

For it was NOT, done in faith! ALL FAITH, comes FROM
Gods Holy word! For HE has the righteous answer to all
things, and will REVEAL IT, unto all of those who love
Him enough to ask HIM, what you should think about ALL

For Jesus said " See, I have told you ALL THINGS, before
they come to pass". Do you want to know what will happen
before it happens? Ask Him, what to think, before YOU

For if you decide what to think, OWN YOUR OWN, without
asking HIM FIRST, then you PROVE TO HIM, that you care
more about YOURSELF then you do Him!

For the greatest commandment is "put God first in all
things, love Him with all of your mind, body and spirit,
and love thy brother (all people) as you love yourself"

Because if you do not do these things, then you are doing
your own will instead of His, and this is EXACTLY WHAT

For if the line above describes YOU, Take heart, and

For God has said in His word " HE is FAITHFUL TO FORGIVE

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