Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                              Perception IS EVERYTHING!

Where the LORD says in His word "As a man thinketh, so He
Is" is to be understood plainly to mean:

That which a man BELIEVES in his heart, that He will get:

This is why we have to "see and hear" ALL THINGS, through
the "eyes of The WORD", for to do so is "the spirit of
truth", and prophecy!

This is "the mind of Christ" recieves not ANY OFFENCE from
men, for to do so would FORSAKE the MERCY that Jesus used
when He asked the Father to "forgive them, for they know
not what they do".

To think that the spirit of the HOLY GHOST, would think
any differently, is in error!

"Christ died for our offences" meaning that when we let HIM
live in our hearts, he GIVES US the same ability to
forgive others THEIR offences against us.

For they HAVE BEEN PUT THERE, by My Father for YOU to
deliver them, through Me, by giving them to the Father
in a single thought of PRAYER!

When you believe Gods word, and do His will, every thought
that you keep, and take to your heart, is as a prayer to

the LORD Jesus, for HE "is the author and finisher" of our
faith, and the Fathers word says " I will give you the
desires of your heart".

So when you take His word to heart, you act on what you
know INSTEAD, of what YOU think, for you "lean not into
your own understanding".

If a thought comes to mind that is not based on the
truth of Gods word, (lie of the devil) we cast that down,
in Jesus name, and it instantly HAS TO LEAVE US!

When we run into error in others, through His love we
see it as OPPERTUNITY to do the LORDS will, and pray as
needed, for we know that whatsoever we ask, it is given.

This is how, through HIM, we can carry no burdens:
Just as quickly as they try to come, we give them to HIM.
Just as quickly as we give them to Him, he delivers us
from them!
Praise Jesus!

This is why we RECEIVE NOT, the testimony of men, but the
testimony of Christ Jesus! When you forgive everything
done unto you, you deliver not only yourself from giving

the Devil, a place, but you deliver them as well, by
asking the Father forgiveness FOR THEM!

This is HOW, the spirit "Destroys the very works, of the
enemy". Through HIS LOVE. For "God is Love".

Therefore every offence is laid at the foot of the cross!
These are the eyes that see, and the ears that hear, for
they " Do the will, of the Father" in the name of the Son.

It is always "as it is written", for them to even consider
a thought!
For the word sayest " I will imprint My words on their

When you now know to do that which is good, and acceptable
in the eyes of the Father, then you KNOW, that it is the

"spirit of truth" which guides and leads you through the
Holy Spirit of Christ. And so, you do AS HE DOES!

And you know that as long as you follow HIS lead, His
Will is done!

Praise God for showing us, through His word, HOW TO

Run the SWORD OF THE LORD, through the enemy! This will
slay the Devil, but SAVE THE MAN!!!

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