Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                       " Point Of Contact "

In Acts 19

We read where paul had handkerchiefs and aprons that had
come into contact with his prayers, sent out to the sick
and demon posessed and the wicked spirits departed from
them, and they were healed from their sicknesses.

We can clearly see from this that because Paul believed
and knew his prayers would be answered, a point of contact

between the One true witness (The Father and Son) and Paul
was established.

When people were sent the cloths, they knew had been prayed
over by Paul, they believed that Christ working through
Pauls faith and THEIR OWN, two witness had established in
the sight of the living God, the truth of the Fathers word.

As they realeased their faith in their coresponding
actions (believing God, and speaking it) a POINT OF
CONTACT was made between them and the Lord.

When the LORD saw their faith, was with action and belief
Christ Jesus did the work.


When we combine our faith, with action (obedience) to the
word/will of God, it is AT THAT POINT, miracles are

For the LORD sayest in His word: " I have set a watch
over My word, to see that it is performed". (Christ)

A man can move from disobedience into obedience simply by
combining his faith (the word) with action that shows the
Father they believe. (doing the word)

This is where all power and annointing of spirit MEET.
It is the point of contact for all believers. For only

when His spirit (His love) and His word are joined can
there be WORKS! (signs and wonders, miracles)

God spirit is MOVING across the face of the earth, in
a mighty way, and HE is proving to all that HE KEEPS

For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
He whom doeth evil and self will, will have evil and the
wickedness coming back to him, this is GODS LAW, of
seed time and harvest.

So, prayerfully consider each and every decision you make,
that you will know that it is grounded in FAITH. (the word)

Then you should expect GOOD THINGS from God! For His eyes
and ears never sleep, and HE IS WATCHING.


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