Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                            EVERY MAN has the 666 mark, UNTILL HES SAVED

There is much confusion about the "mark" of the beast.
Let there be no confusion, for God made it quite clear:
If you CHOOSE to serve yourself first, instead of serving
Him, then THAT ALONE makes you " a servant to sin" for
he does is "outside of faith" and therefore IS SIN.
This MARKS, you according to the word of the LORD!

However the good news is that since Christ died for ALL
sin, all you have to do to be sealed into the kingdom of

God is confess Christ, repent from sin, and you will BE
SAVED! For it is written " Blessed IS THE MAN, to whom the
LORD will not impute sin".

There is also much confusion about the anti-Christ!
There is NOT, just a single man whom is the antiChrist,
but all whom serve Satan, untill they change, are the

For Christ spoke there are many antiChrist whom have gone
out into this world.
These are they whom scoff at the LORD, and cast His words
behind them!

The reason for this is because Christ said, " He whom is
not for us, IS AGAINST US!
ANTICHRIST, simply means against Christ, His word, and the

LORDS annointed!
You cannot say to the LIVING GOD, I am not against you,
and do things your way, instead of His!!
This is backward thinking, those whom have gone the way of

the world!
For the word says " a double minded man, is unstable in
all of his ways".
He knows not what to believe, because he has leaned to his

own understanding of things, and knoweth and understands
NOT the things of the spirit, nor can he know them untill
he invites the holy spirit into his life, who will teach

So do not be misled into thinking that as long as you serve
your way and sin, that you can refuse the MARK! For those
whom do so, are already marked, in the eyes of Christ!

Praise God, that His word says "He is faithful to forgive
those whom ASK! This will remove the "mark" and seal you
into eternal salvation.

MAN (all men who have not the LORDS holy spirit)

His number is 666

Gods sealed number is 777

The first six, comes from a man falling short by sin, by
serving Satan in the flesh.
The second six, is from a man serving sin, in his mind!
The third six, comes from him serving sin in his spirit!

7 serves NOT hte flesh
7 serves the LORD, in his body
7 serves the LORD, in His spirit

The perfect law states " a man shall serve the LORD, with all of his mind, body and strength" hence the 777
represents those who do this, for they are doers of the
word, and not just "hearers".

I speak this in His love, for it is not the LORDS will
that ANY MAN should perish! ManofGod

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