Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                          While The World Yet Sleeps!

Behold, Have I not said in My word,
That I would send the Spirit of Truth to restore and

establish My Holy Kingdom? Am I not right this very
moment, preparing My table, IN the sight of mine enemies?

For they understandeth not the things I do. For without My
spirit there is no understanding or wisdom in the things

mean deem "natural", for in mine image ye were yet made
without spot or blemish, by a Holy God. The blood of

Christ is His power to "destroy the very works of Satan".
God hath not spoken in vain when He said in Revelations

"and every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess
that Jesus is Lord". For the glory of My Father, there is

no man who should have to SPEND HIS LIFE IN HELL, by
being RULED by the Devil, as the LORD hath spoken "the

Devil has come down to you"! HE HAS NO POWER AGAINST
CHRIST, or His name, or His Church, and cannot do ANYTHING

BUT flee those whom resist him! For it is the power of
Christ within you that Christ has blessed us herewith.

"be ye of good cheer, for I have overcome the world".
Even as I overcame, even as I received from My Father

shall ye receieve. "Believe ye doubting nothing, ask ye
what ye will unto My Father, and it shall be given you.

The day hath come to which all shall the Father reveal of
Himself to His people. For I am that I AM, and I AM My

Word, in thought, in love, in spirit, in holiness and
of one accord with my Son. Whom keepeth watch over Me, to

see that I AM performed. The works, they shall prove
themselves, for that which hath been wrought of God, can

not be changed. Every answer to every question, about the
meanings of My word are not for speculation, they explain

themselves in My Holy word, as it proves "all things"
by My Spirit! To enter into My "rest" with Me, simply do

My will, according to the line by line, precept by precept
as is written.

" and they shall be consumed, by the fire of His mouth"
for on His thigh it is written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD

OF LORDS. Let us unite as one in faith, the Word is the
JUDGMENT, that I have sent from heaven, judge ye for

yeselves sake! Is not My Word My Fathers? "this doctrine is
not mine own, but My Fathers". He hath committed all

judgment unto the Son. The Son, rightly divides "the word
of truth" (Jesus) "My fathers Word is Truth".

Glory be to God, for the earth shall be burned, with the
brightness of His coming" (from the inside out) for in

My Fathers great mercy, only the Devil and His angels
shall burn in hell, in the sight of the Holy angels.

All of what men teach, unless you let the "mind of Christ"
interpret their meanings, are not holy, for the way of the

world hath they went. This is why Christ spoke "ye have
one teacher, and He is in heaven". Take heed not to men's

word's but to Gods and Gods alone! "be ye not decieved".


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