Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                          Tribulation is NOW

The entire word of God was written as and in, similitude's and parables. It is NOT written for men to try to
understand in or with, their OWN mentality!

This was the spirit of error, or self-righteous judgment,
that divided the Churches of God, instead of uniting them
all in the same faith, and being of one accord.

Christ spoke: "let them all be as one" what He was saying
was: let the spirit of God (Jesus Christ) live in, and
dwell within the heart of every believer, letting Gods
spirit alone, DO ALL OF THE TEACHING! 

Open the word, and read a sentence, then ponder what the
precept of the meaning of what you read meant, and if you
are obedient to His word/will, then HE will reveal the
meaning, of what was written, by the spirit.

For it is the spirit of Christ Jesus that leads men into
all truths. Theology of men, with the scriptures is
useless, because the Lord hath said: Let every man be a
liar, and the word of God true.

Christ also spoke: In the world ye shall have tribulation,
but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world. The
hour of testing, hath come upon the whole world.

In Revelations we read that, in the last days, Satan shall
have rule over the entire world. Is their a question or
not in anybody's mind about whether He spoke of the times
we are living in?

Have we not fallen "away" just like Christ predicted?
Have not men become self serving, with hearts that have
"waxed cold"? Do not many do as backbiters, haters of
the things of God, lovers of the things of men, moreso
than the things of God?

The "fallen Church" is the Church that Satan HAS prevailed
against, at least temporarily! This is simply just what
Christ said would happen!

There are many so-called prophecies that men whom have
studied the word have written, but with so many different
OPINIONS, about post-trib, or pre-trib beliefs, how is one
to know which is right? For they cannot all be right.

We can know these things, by the spirit, for Christ says:
"Behold, I shall teach you all things". He wants moreso to

The reason "we are not all of one accord" is because we
have not let HIS SPIRIT, do all of the teaching! We have
taken the opinions we have heard, from others and fashioned
in our own minds something very short from the loving
and graceful LORD, we have.

The "great tribulation" we face is learning that most of
what we have been taught IN CHURCHES, is not ALL Gods
truth. It HAD TO HAPPEN, because the LORD, said that it
would! This trial is on the inside of our hearts, for the
word says: "the word of God. is tested everyday", this

test, takes place within our own hearts, everytime we need
to make a decision about anything! The LORD is looking
down on us, every moment, to see if we are going to take
men's word OVER GOD'S WORD! He has written about every
subject, and covered every truth!

"See, I have told you all things, before they come to pass,
so that when they do, ye shall know the truth". Men
should repent from sin, and let the spirit of God, lead
them into all truths.

The Lord Jesus, will NEVER embrace sin, nor can He teach
someone his way, or show them righteous judgment, UNTIL
they follow HIS WAY, by His spirit, and by the truth of
His Fathers word. Revelation knowledge, cannot come to
those whom are not obedient to the word of God.

He will answer any and every question, about tribulation
or any other subject, when it is asked in faith. We have
much to learn about doing righteous judgment, in the sight
of God! When we place Him first, in all things, He will
show us how, to do whatsoever we ask.

To "overcome" is to be spared the wrath of God, from His
judgment, which has came down from above. To overcome is
to give that to the LORD, that which He asks us to.
He wants us to put Satan, underneath our feet, for as long
as we serve self, and sin...we perpetuate the lies of the
Devil. The hour of temptation is now, but Christ said:
I shall give you the power to overcome temptation, so be
of good cheer! ManofGod

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