Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                Furthering the MINISTRY OF TRUTH !   (Sermon)

Dearly beloved: We have much HOLY WORK, to do! We can
count it all as joy to DO THE LORDS WILL! We, even as I

speak, are being "looked upon" by the Holy eyes of our
LORD, Jesus Christ. He not only gives YOU, His

understanding, but because we are blessed to be living in
the restoration days, (days of Elijah) and we are NOT

serving Satan, by having our steps "ordered" by the LORD,
we can "enter into His rest". We do this by submitting

ourselves to Him, (His judgments) (His precepts) and
His holiness, which is inherited through the blessings

that God promised Abrahams seed. By adding to this the
spirit of Christ Jesus, which is promised to those who

seek His kingdom FIRST, we can KNOW HOW TO DO righteous
judgments. This IS, the "new thing" that His spirit is

doing in this season. We can know this because God is
true to His word, and His servants. He promised this in

His Holy word when He said: and I will do a new thing,
that our forefathers have NOT DONE. We can know this

simply by observing that which our forefathers HAVE DONE.
They have effectively shut-up (closed) the kingdom of

heaven by teaching for doctrine, the commandments of MEN.
Just as Christ predicted they would 2000 years ago.

This "much work" that we have to do, is to do
exploits. What I am speaking of is establishing through

our words and deeds, the spiritual KINGDOM OF GOD ON
EARTH! By HIS spirit, WE, the ( I AM ), can with

knowledge GIVEN FROM ABOVE, destroy the very works of
Satan! It is Christ, that gives us the power to overcome

SIN, and serve to BUILD His everlasting kingdom in which
even death and HELL, are overcome! See, the promise that

God gave to King David about the (house of David) in
Second Samuel 7:15. Note the prophetic star by the

prophecy, meaning that at the time it was written, it had
yet to come to pass. See also proverbs where it says that

through wisdom and knowledge, and understanding a house
is built. This "house" is the "new heart" that Christ

lives in. For He hath spoken saying: The temple in which
I dwell in, is not made by human hands! This is the

generation that raises up a "standard" against the enemy

"standard" is letting Christ REIN AND RULE, until He
puts ALL enemies under our feet! This is done by tossing

OUT, the traditions of men, and living Holy and righteous
according to every word spoken by the Father! He will

honor those who honor Him, by putting Him first in all
things, and being DOERS OF THE WORD, do we overcome! This

comes by asking Him first about all things concerning
decisions and judgments, because NOW WE KNOW, that all

things ARE SPIRITUAL, in His holy sight, for it is the
things not seen (faith) that CONTROL ALL THINGS! By the

spirit, He has let us search out the hidden mysteries in
His word, and is now revealing to us the revealed word.

Simply by faith, we can call the things that be, as though
they are not, and God will honor our faith that is

released and MOVE THAT MOUNTAIN! He will change the things

that are, into the things that WILL BE! All we have to do
to receive this, is believe it! What work am I speaking

of here? I am speaking about forming with like minded
believers, HOLY CONVOCATIONS. People who have put serving

SIN, under their feet! For Christ said, IT IS I, whom
gives YOU, the power to overcome, even as I have

overcome. A holy convocation is a group of people whom
are of one accord, whom are led and taught, ONLY, by the

Holy Spirit. They receive NO OFFENCES FROM MEN, nor do
they offend God by speaking OPINIONS, that are NOT based

on the truth of Gods word! This is HOW, they are set free
from being held captive by the Devil! They have forgiven

ALL, which has been done to them, so they carry no burden
they have placed every offence, AT THE FOOT OF THE CROSS!

This is HOW, they "pick up His cross and follow Him".
As being taught by Him to do, they break every yoke of

bondage, by walking in spirit, forgiveness, grace, and
mercy. They CONDEMN NOT others, for their blindness to

His truths. They deliver others from oppressions, and
set THE CAPTIVES FREE! How can one man deliver another,

if the man himself is bound by oppression, guilt, sin,
and unholiness? HE CANNOT! The prayer of Christ, in John

17 in which He asked the Father to let them ALL BE AS ONE
will be answered! There are NO DIVISIONS, or contentions

between them, for they are taught ALL, that which they
know, by the Holy Spirit! Two of these, can and will, put

10,000 to flight. One can put a thousand to flight! The

FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE! It is TIME, to put it to use!
You want the ABUNDANT LIFE? Try DOING GODS WORD! It will

prove itself to YOU! Signs, and wonders, miracles, etc,
will follow, everywhere you go! This blessing, goes with

you! No weapon fashioned against you will prosper! The
LORD, wants YOU TO RISE UP, by exalting Him, and His

truth! His will is for you to join us in this! He wants
serious minded believers to unite in faith, to do these

works! Of course we are not "saved" by works, but by grace
ALONE, but we are rewarded, WHILE ON EARTH, and in the

eternal! He wants to make us, rulers of NATIONS! We have
been given the ability to KNOW, other peoples hearts, so

that we may do something for our brothers whom are
stumbling IN THE DARK! I urge you as a brother to join

this Holy movement of God! The kingdom of God is HERE AND
NOW, for the ones whom will build up their faith enough

to believe it, and receive it! I need FORWARD thinking
HOLY men, who will seek His face, to do righteous

judgment! For say not I in my word, "judge righteous
judgment"? Who can do righteous judgment? With the spirit

and the word, HE, will wash your garments to where you
can walk in the COUNCIL, of God! You can KNOW what is

going to happen, before it happens with God! It is He and
He alone, who can and will reveal ALL THINGS. Just as

Christ promised! Do you want to see the hand of God MOVE?
Then partner with us (after prayerful consideration)!

He will tell you and teach you, all that you need to know,
to do His exploits! He will give you the grace and mercy

to forgive others, so that you can CLOSE THE DOOR, on
HELL AND THE DEVIL! He has (Devil) NO WAY, to bind you

if you will just give every offence to the cross of
Christ! He will show you how to put sin and wickedness

far from you! Ten thousand may fall on your right, and
a thousand on your left, but YOU WILL STAND! Are you not

tired of being bound by disease and an unclean conscience?
Give those offences to Christ, enter into His rest! Have

peace of mind about everything! Have no fear or doubt,
and KNOW BY HIM, what to believe about everything! Will

you join this mighty unstoppable movement of His spirit,
and commit yourself to live for His ways? Let Him REIN, in

your heart, and lets get together to unite the Kingdom
of God, and STOP CONDEMNING YOURSELF, by accusing others

because they may not believe as you do! Let that go, and
focus a clear, clean conscience onto DOING THE VERY WORKS

OF JESUS! He is standing at the door of your church
(the heart) and knocking! This IS THE GOSPEL, that must

be preached, to the uttermost parts of the earth! Will
you JOIN HIM?? He is waiting for your reply! Do not

just take my word for it! First repent and ask forgiveness
of sin, so that He can wash your robes, then ASK HIM!

Ask the Father, in Holy Jesus name, if EVERYTHING

Every sermon, every insight, every definition of every
word, came from the throne of God, through the Holy Spirit.

ONLY HE, can confirm this to you! He says in His word,
there are many false teachers and false prophets gone out

into the world, and even as I speak, the Devil is IN
THE PULPITS, of many "blind" churches, for He said in the

last days, that Satan would be disguised as an angel of
light! Take NO MANS WORD FOR HIS TRUTH, be not deceived!
He says to guard your heart! You do this by ASKING HIM
about everything, that you see and hear! If it IS HIS

TRUTH,..HE WILL CONFIRM IT! For it is written " my sheep
know MY VOICE! A stranger they will not follow! In this

hour of temptation, that has come upon the whole earth,
He will keep you from evil! Start everyday with the LORDS

prayer, and you will be praying, in accordance with His
will. Ask Him first, about everything, before you reply

to someones questions, and He will answer you while ye
are yet speaking! Then you will KNOW, that you have not

let sin, cut you off from His Holy council! For He says
"All wisdom and council, belongs to me" Honor Him first

by receiving ALL THINGS, by faith, and His holy answer
and blessing will be on your tongue, and in your HAND!


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