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                     "Miracle From GOD! "

This is a true story, that was told to me by my mother. Back in 1961
when I was only two and a half years old. We were living in New
Orleans when "purpuric  purple spots" appeared on my young body.

I went to the very best hospitals where they confirmed the pre-stages
of spinal meningitis. When the specialist, looked at me the next day,
my mother was looking on and she did not realize, that when he placed
his hand under my head and lifted up. That he was testing for immobility,
or stiffness in the back of my neck.

She said that he raised, me up to a sitting position, using only his
 hand on the back of my neck. Then they concurred the worst.

It had set in to a point, to where they said " was no return " and that
if it did not kill me outright, the most they could expect, was that I was
going to "be a vegetable, or that my body would twist and contort,
to where I would be able to do nothing for myself". This condition
persisted for some time.

Then the doctors delivered the worst news. They actually told my mom
to pray that I would NOT make it, for it would be more humane than to
have me "twisted for life".

My mother would not hear of this, so she went into the sanctuary and
started praying, as hard as she knew how. At one point during her
dilemma, she said that "she raised her hand to GOD and asked him
to take HER, instead of me.

At that very moment she said she heard an "audible voice" and that
it was booming as thunder to her, but was not happy. For it said "
YOU SHALL NOT BARGAIN, WITH THE LORD" this startled her, and
she realized the error of her way.

So she just started asking the LORD, to heal me in Jesus name,
and that she believed. The voice came again, this time into her
heart saying " I shall spare him". So that give her some comfort.

They had been up for days, and decided to go home long enough
to get a little rest. After resting for a while, she told my dad that
the voice had spoke into her heart again.

This time it said "you can go and pick up your son tomorrow, for he
is well" Dad was not sure of how to take this , because he knew of
the stress that this had put on both of them. So he just said "okay".

Mom said that she walked up to the nurse's station, all smiles. She
simply said I am here to take my son home. The nurse looked at her
and said " who have you spoken to here" ? Mom told her that she had s
poke to no-one there at the hospital.

Well said the nurse, How do you know anything about your son?
Mom said the LORD spoke into my heart, and told me that I could
take him home today.

The nurse looked very puzzled. You spoke to whom? she asked. The
LORD Mom said. So the nurse went and got the doctor, and told him
what my mother had said.

He had a profound look upon his face as he told her, This, I have to
document. For last night, in the middle of the night, his symptoms
just disappeared.

To this day, I have a circle of large, dot like scars, at the base of my
spine. I believe that there are at least thirty puncture marks. Mom
asked why did you have to give him so many spinal taps? Because we
had trouble believing that the tests were right, after such an extreme
case, he answered.

So as soon as I heard your testimony I knew, said the doctor. That this
is THE VERY FIRST MIRACLE FROM GOD, that I have ever seen, with
my own two eyes!

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