Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                       Restoring GODS CHURCH    (Sermon)

Today as I was meditating on the scriptures, the Lord of
the most High God, the Holy one of Israel, sayest to me,
Help me restore my tabernacles.

He wants "us" His very elect to rebuild His Holy Church!
That which is Holy, blameless, without spot or blemish, are
the ones whom bring unity in the faith into this

Christ today REIGNS UPON THE THRONE, and He wants us to
"sit down with Him, on the throne of David, to do
righteous judgments and exploits.

He EXPECTS US, to DECREE JUSTICE, to those whom are
in bondage and oppression. He expects us to deliver our
brothers whom are held captive by the Devil!

Heal the brokenhearted, raise the spiritually dead, Heal
all infirmities, raise up our brethren with the truth
and love of Christ Jesus Himself!

Christ spoke that "by His spirit" and not by power or
might, for His glory, these works shall be done.

The Church I build WILL NOT, be made by human hands! The
temple which Christ dwells in, is in a heart that is pure
and undefiled. It is the spirit of prophecy, and has "put
on", the mind of Christ.

These Church members CARRY AROUND, this church and reflect
the fullness and very statue of Christ!
It is written, "from faith, to faith" meaning: The spirit
of Christ, and the word abiding in the body, produces
absolute faith, WITHOUT FEAR OF DOUBT.

For all things are received by faith, and perceived as
coming down from the Lord of glory. These Church members
do the "very works of Christ" and restore all things back
to the divine order in which the Lord intended.

This is the Church that "destroys the very works, of Satan.
This Church belongs to the "House of David" which Christ
said would ALWAYS have a king to set on the throne, to
do "righteous judgment"!

This is the Church that MAKES DISCIPLES, and forms "cell"
groups of "Holy convocations".

This IS THE CHURCH, that the GATES OF HELL, shall NOT

This Church, are all of one accord, saying and believing
the very same things. There are no divisions or
contentions within its congregations.

They have ALL BEEN TAUGHT, by the Holy Spirit, and this is
why they all believe the same way!! Those whom abide in
this house, follow the spirit of Christ, BY THE SPIRIT!

This IS THE "GATHERING" that is written about in Gods Holy
Word, in which a number "which no man can number or count"
are delivered, and have their robes made white, by the
blood covenant of Jesus! They have "overcome" and placed
SIN, and the Devil....UNDER THEIR FEET, for HE CAN DO

These are the one whom "raise up a standard" against the
enemy. (the word of God) and OVERCOME the Devil, by the
TESTIMONY OF THEIR OWN MOUTH! Praise God! We shall rise
up and tread down the wicked, for they shall be as ashes
under our feet. Are you ready to begin? Would YOU BE a
disciple for Christ?

Do you want to walk in His anointing,
His power, His mercy, love grace and truth? Email or call
me if you are serious about helping me ESTABLISH, the
Church that resides in the fleshy part of the heart. We
have a very specific job to do for Christ, and He is
calling His very elect for this appointed time, which is

1-318-325-7586 Stephen Monday (ManofGod)

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