Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

  TO "TAKE OFFENCE" - IS EVIL    (Sermon)

Therefore my brothers/sisters - receive it NOT.  Nor "Give It."

My brethren, the WORD sayest: Christ died for our offences.
What this is saying is that EVERY TRANSGRESSION men can or

If you want to DO THE WORK, of the Lords anointed, by the
spirit of Christ Jesus, you HAVE to "let GO" of EVERY
OFFENCE, that has ever been done unto you!

For if you lay not the offences, at the foot of the CROSS,
it is impossible to walk in mercy, forgiveness and grace!

For when you get angry and take OFFENCE to what someone
says or does to you, YOU GO AGAINST FAITH which is SIN!
You all know that SIN separates Gods people from His

You CANNOT receive revelation knowledge when you are
blinded by your OWN TRANSGRESSIONS (No matter how "small.")

Wicked SPIRITS MOVE; when someone takes OFFENCE!

When you go your "own way" instead of asking God, where to
step next you OFFEND the truth of Gods word. "The steps of a
righteous man are ordered by the LORD." 

By doing that which is evil (going the way of the world)
you bring EVIL right back upon your OWN HEAD!

When you are offended, the angry spirit has it's way with
you and  it shall "sift you as wheat" sayest Lord God!
It will cause you to stumble as it is a stumbling block
for MANY. 

Many, many people are praying to the Lord IN VAIN, simply
BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOT FORGIVEN the wrongs done to them
in the past!

They are dragging around huge burdens that weighs down
their spirit and  shall spring up as the "bitter root" that it
is. It "shows itself" as bitterness, hate, anger, and rage. 

When you "murmur against" or mouth off at someone or
something that "offends" you, it is as if you release 
a deadly airborne disease, which springs up out of your 
mouth and infects OTHERS. 

"Pray for those whom despitefully use you," for in the Lords
eyes, THEY ARE, the ones "being attacked" by the Devil!
There is opportunity for you to "speak to that mountain"
and call the things that be; as though they are not. 

Faith is something that HAS TO be USED on a moment to
moment basis for we ALL REVEAL what spirit is guiding us
by the things we do and the things we say. Do we not? 

For "all judgment has been committed to the Son" and HE
watches over His children, and He sees all and knows all!
Give Christ Jesus back His throne! For ONLY YOU by your
OWN WILL... can LET HIM REIGN in your own life.

Amen and Amen. ManofGod

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