Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Holy Spirit EXPOSES "Sin Man"     (Sermon on "reproof")

The word of God says " When the spirit of truth
has come, (perfect love) the man of sin shall be

The spirit of truth is the spirit of Christ,
who makes himself manifest in the very elect of
Gods people.

What make Him stand out among men, is His
submission to the Word (the Father) He will not
strive, nor cry, neither shall His voice be heard
in the streets.

He shall NOT, be a servant to sin, but will
make manifest the spirit of error which is IN
THE CHURCHES OF MEN. This IS, the beginning of
the RESTORATION...in which all things are set
back in divine order.

The throne of David, Christ said would always
have a king, to judge the twelve tribes of Israel
This is established by the Lord, as promised.
(see 2nd Samuel 7:15)

For the restoration to begin, then the apostasy
or indignation, (falling away from faith) would
have to come to an end! Praise God!

See Matthew 24 (beginning of the end) speaking
of the abomination of desolation, standing where
it should not. This abomination are the ones
who claim to know God, but deny the power and
authority of His works, therefore the (holy
place) the heart, is empty, or in ruins.

When the "man of sin" is exposed, it is because
God has given us help from above, in wisdom and
understanding in His Holy word, meaning that

His ability to scatter the power of the Holy
people, has come to the end!

Gods LOVE is fixing to be made manifest in His
people, for they will NO LONGER, FOLLOW VAIN MEN
who teach for commandment, the doctrines of men!

This will "show itself" several ways, firstly by
the disciples will show the love of God, for one
Secondly, "righteous judgment" will tear down
the walls of division in the Churches!

The "very elect" of Gods people will unite in
faith, and do exploits! Strongholds will be
pulled down!
They "live by" EVERY WORD, that hath proceeded
out of the mouth of the Father!

These whom overcome, (overcome sin) cast DOWN
EVERY VAIN IMAGINATION, they, (thru Christ Jesus)
resist temptation, and the devil HAS to flee!

They have put on "the very mind of Christ" which
is the spirit of prophecy! They HAVE THE

They shall "raise up a standard" (the word of
God) against the Devil, and overcome Him by the
word of their testimony!

All of these are ALL TAUGHT, by the Holy spirit,
and for this very reason, they all are
blameless, without spot or blemish, all believe
and speak the SAME THINGS, for their teacher is
the Lord.
They separate themselves from those whom cause
divisions and contentions, for they KNOW that
which the Lord hates.

This is HOW, the spirit of the Lord divides the
sheep from the goats, the hearers only, from the
"doers of the word".

We are in the very season of tribulation, and
except the days be shortened, no flesh could
survive! This means not the length of the day,
(24 hours) but the duration of the days!
The time is SHORTER, than we think!
Daniel says that it is this time (season) in
which all whose name are written shall be

Not "delivered" as called up with the trump of
God, to meet Him in the air, but delivered from

In Revelations, there are a great multitude
standing before the throne, whose robes have been
made white by the blood of the Lamb.

The word says that these "have come out of
great tribulation".

Most bible scholars teach that the rapture of the
Church, will not take place until the
great tribulation period begins!

They have it backwards my brothers, because the
word says that the Lord will RESCUE his people
from the wrath of God, just before the "rapture"

Christ spoke: in the world, ye shall have
tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have
overcome the world!

What this all means for every believer is that
we are blessed to be living in the very time
when salvation cometh to " as many as the sand
of the sea"!

Christ and the first fruits are described as the

My brethren, the first resurrection is a
SPIRITUAL ONE, where the "dead in Christ"
are the ones who have "died to the flesh" to
serve the word of God, in purity and in holiness!

We are beginning to see a "word explosion" of
truth, (Gods truth) this can ONLY COME, by having
the spirit of truth enable us to "rightly
divide the word of truth" to speak such is done
in 100% pure faith, which produces WORKS!

For the Lord sayest: I have put a watch over My
word, to see that it is performed!
For when we speak by the spirit of truth, the


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