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                          Have You The " Key Of David" ?         (Sermon)

Christ spoke in Revelations, saying: "he who hath the key
of David." What is the "key"?

Christ also said: "For I have the key, of hell and death".

This key, is the faith to believe doubting nothing, that
whatsoever ye ask for, it shall be given you.

As the greatest Prophet, the spirit of Christ, speaks his
Fathers will (the word of God). This is the key!

For most unfulfilled prophecy will be fulfilled, BY HIS
SPIRIT. "Not by might, nor power, but by my spirit."

When a prophet of God speaks Gods words (Gods will) then
because absolute faith is released, God honors His word,
and brings those words to pass!

The spiritual battle that is ongoing right now between
the forces of good and evil, we can understand that by
reading Gods word that HE helps us win the battle by
giving us "righteous judgment".

This is the "new thing" that God says He will do!
The holy people, through Gods spirit, receive revelation
knowledge, "knowledge and wisdom shall increase" How we win
the battle is with, "the testimony of HIS MOUTH."

What happens is that Gods holy people, who have overcome
the evil one by putting Satan underneath their feet, come
together and "raise up a standard" against Satan!

This standard, that is held up against Him, is the word of
God! For these, follow the Lamb wheresoever He goeth!

They in effect, destroy the very works of Satan, simply by
decree! They keep themselves (through the Holy Spirit) holy

and sanctified, by doing the will of the Father,

Christ sanctifies them with His righteous word of truth, and judgments!

They speak them in faith, and God brings the words to pass! For Christ said:
(paraphrase) "till I send fourth judgment into victory."

Are you a king or a priest of the most high God?
Are you a mouthpiece of the Lord? Do you follow His spirit
and do His commands, moment by moment?

God wants to use you as His king and priest!
He wants to make you "the head, and not the tail."
He wants to give you the desires of your heart.
If you will place God first in ALL THINGS, then these
things will be added unto you. We have come to the
generation in which the appointed time is now.

It is time to turn around from sin, (repent) place God in His proper
place, (on His throne) first in all things, then walk in

the POWER AND AUTHORITY, of Christ's spirit, for much work
is to be done, to destroy the very works of Satan!

Christ, is waiting, for your answer! Say yes, and do it His
way, for men have already tried THEIR WAY, and that is
what divided the Churches, and scattered the power of the

holy people! The leaven of the Pharisees, (untruth) got
into the Churches by men who "teach for doctrine, the
commandments of men, instead of God." (traditions of men)

and this is what caused the word of God to be null and
void and without effect, for men were obeying men, instead
of God.

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