Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


" Prayer of Faith "

Oh FATHER, creator of the heavens and earth,
We extol thy HOLY name, above ALL things.

are THE ONLY absolute, infallible and unchangeable TRUTH.

For THOUST HAST the WORDS of eternal life.
THOUST HAST the WORDS of healing, for any and ALL manner

of infirmities. THOUST mighty hand stretches fourth
the magnificent expanse of the universe. THY HOLINESS

is beyond definition. I humbly ask OH FATHER OF FATHERS,
that YOU incline thine ears onto the voice of mine

supplications. Let THY TENDER MERCIES LIGHT UPON this
Nation, so that we shall turn our soul onto YOU, and

turn us away, from wickedness of heart. Teach us oh LORD
to love our brethren even as we love ourselves. We ask

oh, HOLY FATHER that you heal our infirmities of mind
body and spirit. Let every man love and put GOD first

above all things on earth. We ask this HOLY FATHER in
JESUS MIGHTY NAME, so that we will have your promise

of eternal salvation, by the grace of JESUS CHRIST, may
we be saved. When we say in truth to thee, we BELIEVE!

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