Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                   Showing GOD, your FAITH   (Sermon)

When you have Gods word abiding in you, and His spirit
guiding your thinking, by putting on the "mind of Christ",

then EVERY sentence and precept, and judgement that you
speak, is based on the truth of God. For the Holy Spirit

will not lead you into a lie. By putting together the
truths in His word, one can gain much insight and wisdom.

When you use Gods righteous judgement, then you speak
ONLY, that which the "spirit of truth" gives you, and it

comes from above. To do this, and walk in the council of
the Lord, you HAVE to NOT BE, a servant to sin, and you

will automatically consider Gods word first, BEFORE, you
give someone an answer to a question. To do this requires

you to KNOW, Gods word, from studing, and being taught by
Him. You cannot make spiritual discernments, WITHOUT, the

Holy Spirit. To even try to do so, is a sure way to be
mislead by the DEVIL! For He will ALWAYS USE DECEIT, to

try and trick you into his lies, so if you are not sure
if you are being led by the holy spirit, then consider this

if what you are being told, DOES NOT "line up" exactly
with Gods word, then TAKE IT NOT TO HEART! Look into the

bible first and see for yourself if it is the truth! If it
is there, THEN, take it to heart. To speak your faith to

God, and do it in "spirit and truth", you consider WHAT,
is being asked. Then, "with the FAITH that doubts nothing"

you speak the will of God, by answering "in accordance"
with what the word of God says about the said subject.

When you do this you are speaking out of a heart that
belongs to God first, with the notion that "all things are

possible with Him". This basically means: By giving all
of your witness, to the One True witness, YOU ARE

ESTABLISHING, the SAME, truth that Jesus established when
John the babtist, baptized Him in the river Jordan. When

Because, Jesus, WAS, the word become flesh, all of Gods

word (the bible) was established, on the earth, in so that
ALL OF WHOM, speak it, in truth and spirit, do the work

that God intended His word to do! They never speak fear or
doubt, because they, "bear record, of He who sent them"

(the Father). They speak ONLY, the words given to them
from above, by the spirit of Jesus Christ. This IS the

Testimony of Jesus Christ, that Revelations speaks about
ALL OVERCOMERS HAVING. To overcome, means that they have

died to the flesh, and serve NOT sin. This does NOT MEAN
that they will NEVER SIN, because it not possible. The

very reason for this is, the word of God says that " a just
man, shall fall seven times, BUT, He shall get back up. To

fall, simply means that: they will SIN, at least seven
times, after they have recieved the holy spirit. THIS IS

the tool, used by God Himself, to teach men HOW, to rid
and purge, the seven abominations that the word of God

says, are in his heart. For the word sayest " when a man
first begins to speak aright" believe him not, for there

are still seven abominations in his heart. This tool IS
Christ...interceeding FOR HIM, IN PRAYER to the Father.

Since the man may not be aware that he has been cut off
from the Lords council, (for as soon as the SIN, was


The intercessory prayer said by Christ, SENDS HIM, the
spirit of CONVICTION...and he confesses it, and repents

from it...then, He again, can hear the very voice of
Christ, leading him into all truths. So EVEN IF you see

a spirit lead man, do something that is not in the love
of Christ...admonish him in love, yes! BUT CALL HIM NOT

a hippocrite, for you would be judging YOURSELF, to do so.
He has just "stumbled", and fell, BUT HE WILL GET BACK UP,

for the word of God says so! It may take a while, or could
be a few hours or days, for the spirit of conviction to

come to Him, but if he EVER, has confessed Christ, and
served Him with the holy spirit, THE CONVICTION, will

come, for this IS how every man is taught, by the spirit
of God, to serve Him, His way...for GOD HIMSELF, will use

EVERY, tool at His disposal, to TEACH MEN HIS WORD, AND
TRUTHS. So EVEN, those who serve God NOT, are chastized

in many ways, they WILL BE BROUGHT TO THEIR KNEES! This IS
in Gods judgement, His love for them made manifest!

So if you are tired of fighting to make ends meet, and
struggling to barely survive, and the DEVIL HIMSELF, is

stealing from you, and destroying your children and
marrige, your property, your MONEY, and your life's joy.

FIRE THE DEVIL!! Send Him packing, by confessing sin that
you know of, and the sin, you know NOT of, and repenting.

(turning AWAY, from sin). The word of God says "when you
do this, the devil HAS GOT TO FLEE! Then ask God to walk

with you, and teach you ALL, of His way, and your joy
shall be His joy, you will be blessed whether you turn to

the left, or the right, you will speak blessings instead
of cursings, and you can HAVE, the abundant life, that

GOD INTENDED, for you to have, to start with.

In Christs Love.....ManofGod

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