Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                            " Awake Ye , SLEEPING GIANTS !       (Sermon)

There is a "sleeping giant" this giant knows about Christ,
knows about, "His works" and is a believer, but their

faith, needs a boost from Christ Himself! The "peer"
pressure of "what other Christians think" is stopping

these giants from being "doers of the word" instead of
being "hearers only". Would Christ Himself, NOT admonish

those whom He saw "stumbling towards the ditch"? Of course
He would ! If you are a believer and the small voice

inside your head is telling you to minister to "that
someone", and you do it not, then you are denying the very

works of Christ! Do you not know that this, greives the
Holy Spirit and quenches the spirit of God? People are

quick to point out that you are "judging and being mean
spirited" by warning those of the wrath to come, upon the

non-believers. This is NOT TRUE, for if you minister to
someone in the spirit of love, then you tell them the

truth of God, and you worry NOT, about what men think. For
men "shut up" the kingdom of God, by teaching FALSE

doctrines, and the traditions of men, which make the word
of God, of no effect. These "giants" are in the Churchs

of men, WHO SAY, BUT NOT DO. These are the abomination of
desolation, spoken of by Christ, in reference to the ones

in the Church who "are swallowed up by inequity" their
unforgiven sin has separated them from the council of the

Lord, and they are being lead by the spirit of error! This
can and will, be changed quickly, because the Lord God

can and will, turn these "goats into sheep"!! All that
need be done, is for the Lord to MOVE on their hearts and

have them confess, REPENT, and turn away from sin, let
their robes be washed and made clean by the blood of

Christ. What is keeping them from joining the "body of
Christ" is UNTRUTH. The eyes of the Lord are in every place

and He sees the good and the bad, so these giants NEED TO
realize this, repent and turn from the meanings of men's

words, and turn to the meanings that are in the Word of
God, learn them, by the spirit of Christ, for HE wants to

BE THE TEACHER, of all men. He already IS the teacher of
all men, because His justice is swift and fair and sure!

Even the people who believe NOT, in the word of God, are
STILL NONTHELESS EFFECTED BY IT, for their children "die

of cancer, their wives, cheat with other men, their houses
are flooded, and burned down, their very life is full of

misery and heartbreak, they feel as though they can trust
no-one, and they are NOT sure WHAT to believe about

anything!! If you are STILL, a slave to SIN, then you
have NOT used the spirit of God, and the word of God, to

deliver yourself from GIVING the devil a place, and having
him, kill, steal, and destroy their lives. Do you want a

circle of protection to go out before you and your family?
The Lord will give His angels charge over you, to watch

and protect you and your family, He will bless you whether
you turn to the left or the right. He will rebuke Satan

from your finances! He will pour out His blessings upon
you, you will NOT get sick, you will have a longer life,

and your joy, shall be HIS JOY AND PEACE!! To do ANY of
this, you must first do what God REQUIRES YOU TO DO, His

plan for you, is written IN HIS WORD, and He is convinced
of better things concerning YOU! Do you give Him thanks in

all things? If not, then you are trying to get the answers
to lifes hard questions, yourself! This is WHY, the word

says..."lean NOT unto your own understanding" but let the
word of God decide what is right for you to do, this is

why it is so important for people to learn and know the
word of God, for this IS, the will of God! Jesus Christ

said (speaking about WHY, He was sent) I was sent to bear
witness to the truth, and as many whom are OF THE TRUTH

shall hear my voice! You cannot have unforgiven sin IN
YOUR LIFE, and hear Christs voice. For sin, separates you

from God, and you cannot be "led by Him" if you have been
"cut off" from hearing His voice. Everytime you think

about something to where a decision needs to be made, and
you USE NOT his voice, or the word of God, to choose the

right answer, then this IS SIN, and when there is sin in
the heart that is unconfessed, you cannot SEE THE TRUTH,

of Gods word!! You could know the whole bible, but UNTIL
you rid yourself of sin, and repent and turn away from it,

you cannot be taught by the Holy Spirit! Join the body of
Christ, and receive ALL of His blessings, the body of

Christ, ALL, believe the same things, and are without spot
or blemish, are of a good report, have a clear conscience,

and are all forward thinking spirit filled Christians who
WANT you to have the same blessings! A mans worst enemy

who "has not Lord Jesus" is HIMSELF, for HE, is the ONLY
thing, standing in the way of Gods blessings. GOD MUST BE

served in spirit and in truth, 100% of the time, for if
not, you are serving your own self, and are CAUSING EVIL

to pass upon your own self, EVERY TIME YOUR LIPS MOVE!!!
I speak this IN Christs love, for it is not the will of

the Father, for ANY, man to perish......ManofGod

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