Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                           " The Anti-Christ Manifestation "    (Sermon)

The word of God says that every thing that exalts itself
above the throne of God, IS the anti-Christ! One does not

need to look very hard to see this manifest itself in
the times we live in today. In the spiritual battle that

is raging all around us, it is up to us to recognize what
is taking place. In Matthew 24, When Christ spoke of the

signs of the "beginnings of birth pains" talking about
the signs of the end times prophecy, He said: When you see

the abomination of desolation, (stand in the Holy place)
where it should NOT be. What is the meaning of this?

Using the bible to interpret itself, the abomination
(something God hates) and desolation (in ruins, empty)

In the holy place (the ONLY holy place IS in the heart,
for that IS where Jesus lives in all beleivers) So using

these definitions to understand what is written, we can
understand that it means this: God hates to see EMPTY

vessels (hearts without Him) mixed in with those who are in the body of Christ! For we are commanded to not sit in

the council of the wicked, or stand or eat in their midst!
We need to take a stand on the word of God, and do that

which is written in His Holy Word! Unite in love, the body
of Christ, so that He can move thru our faith, and let

His signs and wonders become manifest! It is impossible to
please God without faith, and BECAUSE OF UNBELIEF, we are

NOT seeing, the signs and wonders, that SHOULD BE MANIFEST

in every Church! Remember the city in which Christ would
not do any mighty works? It was because of UNBELIEF!

For where there are no works, faith is DEAD! There is much
work to be done before Christs return, and the word of

God, will do the work that He intended for it to do. What
must happen first is a gathering of believers who are the

doers, shall unite, SIGNS AND WONDERS, shall follow them
and they shall do the work that God intended them to do.

Christ said..."The works that I do, He shall do also, and
greater works than these shall He do, because I go unto

my Father". These works shall include the following:
Fear and doubt, shall be cast out from all doers, they

shall be of one accord, and believe the same thing,
because they were taught all things by the Holy Spirit.

Those that cause contentions and divisions, they shall
separate themselves from. Where one put a thousand to

flight, two shall put 10,000 to flight! They will walk in
truth and spirit, in the MANIFEST PRESENCE OF GOD! The

word of God is imprinted upon their hearts, so that the
destroyer CANNOT snatch the words from their hearts!

This IS THE GOSPEL, that must be preached unto every
creature! Right now many churches are as the synagogs of

Satan, for he has decieved MANY! How many Doers of the
word do you know? Doers of the word do Gods will, NOT

just claim salvation because they SAY they believe! To
convince God that you believe, you MUST become a doer

and NOT a hearer, for the hearers have bought the lie of
the devil!! Just to claim that you believe, and then walk

after the flesh, deny Christ and the power thereof in
works, by not heeding His teachings, MAKES YOU A HEARER

not a DOER! The anti-Christ is IN the churches who care
more about what men think, instead of what God thinks.

The biggest antiChrist at the moment is UNTRUTH!!
The words and deeds that you do and say, in the sight of

God, is what you will be judged by! For it is written
"The word shall judge him, in the last day". Thank God,

that all we have to do to be forgiven, is ASK FOR IT!!
Christ said behold, I make all things new. When He comes

into a persons heart, He changes everything! The first
thing that He changes is the way you look at your brother!

He gives you the ability to love them as you love yourself.
He then teaches you to tame your mouth so that you become

a faithful witness. The meanings of the words that you
speak, become His meanings! You no longer "bear record"

of yourself, but that of the Fathers (He who sent you).
You then learn to NOT accept the testimony of men into

your heart, for He causes you to take Gods word OVER
mens word every time! For to NOT do so, would be to DENY

Him!! He gives to you the testimony of Jesus Christ, which
means that: the things that you do and say will be true

to His meanings!! The reward that is with Him (Holy Spirit)
gives you the same words of eternal life!! For that IS

how the devil is overcome, BY THE TESTIMONY OF YOUR MOUTH!

For even when you sin, the spirit of conviction comes upon
you and makes you confess it, so that the devil HAS to

flee! All whom "overcome" shall have these same qualities
for they are given to all whom have the Holy Spirit. When

you speak out of Christs heart, instead of your own, you
speak prophecy, because He was the greatest prophet, and

all of which He speaks comes to pass. So if you are not
walking in His power and authority, ask for forgiveness,

and He will give you the same, for He is not a respecter
of persons, He will teach you all things, and will pour

His spirit out upon YOU!!!
May as many whom believe this message, RECIEVE IT, in

Christs Holy name, for we are going to start to see a new
SEASON, of mighty signs and wonders, for the WORD OF GOD

IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Christs love..........ManofGod

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