Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                       " A Sword Has Been Raised "   (Sermon)

A sword has been raised: This sword comes down every time

a man who is annointed by the Lord, opens his mouth! For
this sword IS the Word of God! What it does is rightly

divide the word of truth. When this is done, then
judgment has come down! We are to judge not: but we are

EXPECTED to use Gods judgments in every decision we make!
This is NOT judging others, but simply using the counsel

of the Lord, to speak the Lords truth, so that others may
judge themselves, the very same way that " The Word shall

judge them, in the last day! Since a mans words REVEAL
what spirit is within them, this sword is the truth of God

that no devil can hide behind, because the ones whom use
the sword, HAVE, the discernment of the Lord! 


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