Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"Heavenly Vision"    (sermon-vision)

 The word of God tells us to meditate on the word of God,
all the day long. Having heeded this, while I was thinking

on these things, the Lord gave me a vision. I had asked
the Lord, what is taking place in heaven, at this very

moment? He said close your eyes, and I will give you a
glimpse of what takes place all of the time.(For those appointed
by Him to be scribes) - (So I did,

and while doing so, I had a vision in which I would
describe as this.. As far as I could see, there were

heavenly host, all clad in white robes, and all of them
were working, on a project that seemed as if each one had

a job, that was an assignment given to them by the Lord.
There were a multitude, that seemed beyond measure. So, I

asked the Lord, Lord, what is this that I am beholding?
These are all scribes, one for each person whom has reached

the age of accountability. For every word spoken by man,
is recorded by them. "For by their words they are

justified, or by their words they are condemned". This is
why the urgency of the scripture should be made known,

that sayeth, "salvation is now". For what men speak,
moment by moment is a denial of Christ, or a testament to:

For as many who speak, their witness is recorded. Those

that is spoken of in Revelations. These are faithfull
witnesses to the Lord Jesus Christ, and they glorify Him,

and acknowledge ALL of what His teachings are unto the
brethren. There are many who have deceived themselves into

thinking that the grace of God shall save them, simply by
calling Christ their savior, and saying they believe. They

know not, that their worship is vain, because BELIEVING
in Christ, is much more than just saying the words, it is

an daily ongoing action which exercises their faith, thru
the spoken word and deed. For to say that they love God,

and to turn and sin against their brother, IS A DENIAL!
For they are a liar: and the truth is not in them. They

may pray, use the name of Jesus, even preach. But they are
akin to hearers only, and NOT, doers of the word. They are

focused more on the things of men, moreso than the things
of God. Their words are in vain, because their hearts are

not with me. " They flatter me with their lips, but their
hearts are far from me". Their actions go against Christs

teaching, for they deny Him in their works. This is why it
is written..."not all that say Lord, Lord, shall see the

kingdom of God". To deny Christ in actions, yet expect to
"be saved by grace" is likened to one who mocks God, and

behold: God is not mocked. Yes, it is written, that grace
thru faith, shall save those who worketh not, but you know

that faith without works is dead, this saved by grace for
those who worketh not: this was written for the sake of

those who accepted Christ in faith, near the end of their
lives, and had not the chance to do works. It is time for

my people to wake up, and walk in the power and authority
that Christ gave them thru His spirit! Accept NOT the

words of men as the truth, but ONLY the truths and precepts
which I gave them through my Holy Bible, for no man can

get to heaven riding on the back of another. True, men can
lead others to God, but men cannot save them, ONLY Jesus

saves, for the rest shall have their part in the lake of

Blessed be the name of our LORD. Amen

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